Saturday, March 18, 2023

Saturday's News Links

[Reuters] UBS eyeing swoop for Credit Suisse amid fears of banking contagion

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] UBS Seeks Swiss Backstop in Any Credit Suisse Deal

[Reuters] UBS, regulators race to seal Credit Suisse deal as soon as Saturday, Financial Times reports

[Reuters] Moody's downgrades credit ratings on First Republic Bank

[AP] Bank failures: Anger in Congress, but division on what to do

[Reuters] How Credit Suisse has evolved over 167 years

[Reuters] Goldman Sachs cuts outlook for European bank debt over Credit Suisse crisis

[Reuters] Analysis: China's Xi takes 'diplomatic dance' to Russia

[Reuters] Before Xi visit, Russia says it held naval drills with China and Iran in Arabian Sea

[Reuters] North Korea claims almost 800,000 have signed up to fight against US

[AP] Japan, German leaders agree to strengthen ties, supply chain

[Bloomberg] US Authorities Weighing In on Possible Credit Suisse-UBS Deal

[Bloomberg] Historic Week in Bonds Told in Charts

[NYT] Banking Crisis Hangs Over Economy, Rekindling Recession Fear

[WSJ] ‘We Never Thought a Bank So Successful Could Collapse So Fast’

[WSJ] Local Banks Could Leave Gaps That Are Hard to Fill

[FT] UBS and regulators rush to seal Credit Suisse takeover deal

[FT] US Treasuries’ rollercoaster ride strains bond market functioning

[FT] Rogoff: Things are only getting harder for the Fed

[FT] Cost of insuring Credit Suisse debt dwarfs that of other banks