Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Tuesday Evening Links

[Bloomberg] Greece Misses $1.7 Billion IMF Payment, Joining Zimbabwe's Ranks

[Bloomberg] Merkel Says New Talks Must Wait After Greece Blows Off IMF Payment

[NYT] Greece Misses Debt Payment, Deepening a Crisis

[Bloomberg] Puerto Rico Bonds Fall to Record Low as Debt Crisis Worsens

[Bloomberg] Puerto Rico Bankruptcy Adviser Says Out-of-Court Deal Infeasible

[Reuters] U.S., Iran presidents issue warnings as nuclear talks extended

[BBC] Ukraine suspends Russian gas purchases

Tuesday's News Links

[Reuters] EU makes last-ditch bid to save Greek bailout

[Bloomberg] Greece Can Stay in Euro Even With ‘No’ Vote, Schaeuble Tells Lawmakers

[Bloomberg] Greece Staggers Into Economic Unknown With Bailout Expiring

[Bloomberg] ECB Billions Can’t Save Euro-Area Bonds From Worst Quarter Ever

[Reuters] Greece may find it is easier to close banks than re-open them

[Bloomberg] Chinese Stocks Surge After Posting The Biggest Intraday Swing Since 1992

[Bloomberg] China’s Finance Industry Rallies Behind Stocks After Plunge

[CNBC] Puerto Rico poses a 'substantial threat': Strategist

[Washington Post] How ordinary bond investors would be hurt by a default in Puerto Rico

[WSJ, Hilsenrath] For Fed to Delay Rate Hikes, Global Tumult Would Need to Infect U.S.

[Reuters] Second-quarter M&A close to record amid mega deals

[Bloomberg] Home Prices in 20 U.S. Cities Grew at Slower Pace Through April

[Bloomberg] Here's What Latin America's Sharp Slowdown Means for the U.S.

[Reuters] Iran and powers set to miss deadline as nuclear deal remains elusive