Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Thursday's News Links

[Bloomberg] Fed Leaves Interest Rates Unchanged

[Bloomberg] Brazil Real Drops Amid Political Turmoil Ahead of Fed Decision

[Bloomberg] Ruble Falls as Moody's Says Russia Among Most Vulnerable to Fed

[Bloomberg] How Does the Economy Look Now Compared to When the Fed Hiked Rates in the Past?

[Bloomberg] CLSA: The Emerging Market Slowdown Is About to Hit the Developed World

[Bloomberg] China Stocks Sink in Late Trade With Volatility at 18-Year High

[Bloomberg] Japan's Exports Add to Abe's Woes as China Slowdown Saps Demand

[Bloomberg] Fed Decision-Day Guide: Zero Hour for Moves on Rates, Dot Plot

[Bloomberg] Five Things That 'Zirp' Did for the Corporate Bond Market

[NYT] Silent on Priorities, Yellen Makes Fed Choice a Cliffhanger

[Bloomberg] Citic Securities' Trek From Goldman Sachs of China to Scapegoat

[NYT] Citic Securities, a Pillar of Finance in China, Finds Itself in the Cross Hairs

[Reuters] China to conduct checks on firms' forex buying to prevent speculation

[MarketWatch] China’s holdings of U.S. Treasurys drop $30 billion in a month

[Bloomberg] Abengoa Loans Said to Fail to Draw Buyers Even at 60% Discount

[Bloomberg] Goldman Sees 15 Years of Weak Crude as $20 U.S Oil Looms

[Bloomberg] KKR’s Samson Resources Files Bankruptcy as Shale Bet Sours

[Reuters] China's island airstrips to heighten South China Sea underwater rivalry

[Reuters] Burkina Faso military spy chief seizes power, dissolves government

[Bloomberg] Scorching Year Continues With Hottest Summer on Record

Wednesday Evening Links

[Bloomberg] Japan's Exports Add to Abe's Woes as China Slowdown Saps Demand

[Bloomberg] Macquarie: Emerging Markets Are Not Facing a 1997-Style Crisis—They're Facing Something Worse

[Bloomberg] Watch for Junk-Bond Air Pockets as Sprint Spirals Downward

[Reuters] Foreigners sell Treasuries in July; China's U.S. debt holdings fall

[Bloomberg] China Seeks Antidote for Outflows by Allowing More Overseas Debt

[Reuters] Ukraine's Poroshenko says rebel elections threaten peace deal, extends sanctions