Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Tuesday's Evening Links

[Reuters] Greek PM tears into lenders as euro zone prepares for 'Grexit'

[Bloomberg] The China Bubble Is Going to Burst

[Bloomberg] It's So Bad in Greece, People Are Moving Back in With Their Parents

[Reuters] A year after the crash, oil markets risk more trouble ahead

[Reuters] Putin says Russia beefing up nuclear arsenal, NATO denounces 'saber-rattling'

Tuesday's News Links

[Bloomberg] Global Stocks Fall on Greek Debt Impasse as Oil Rises With Bunds

[Reuters] Greek PM sticks to hard line as contagion hits euro zone bonds

[Bloomberg] Spanish 10-Year Bond Yield Rises Above 2.5% Amid Greece Impasse

[Bloomberg] French Bonds Infected as Greek Crisis Swells Euro-Region Spreads

[Bloomberg] Emerging Stocks Set for 11-Week Low as China Sinks; Ruble Gains

[Bloomberg] Greek Deadlock Has Leader Hoping for Miracle to Avoid Default

[Reuters] Greece, creditors dig in after debt talks founder

[FT] Eurozone officials discuss emergency summit on Greece

[Reuters] Top European court throws weight behind ECB in fighting crises

[Bloomberg] How Greek Capital Controls Would Work If Aid Talks Collapse: Q&A

[Nikkei] Policy board divisions grow over monetary easing

[Bloomberg] HSBC Chairman Flint Echoes Investor Worries Over Bond Liquidity

[Bloomberg, Gilbert] Guy Who Manages $112 Billion Sees No Bond Buyers

[Bloomberg] Greek Showdown Puts Merkel's Teflon Legacy at Risk

[Bloomberg] The World Is Facing Its Longest Oil Glut in at Least Three Decades

[Reuters] China says about to finish some land reclamation in South China Sea

[WSJ] China to Build Military Facilities on South China Sea Islets

[Bloomberg] Five Million Reasons Why China Could Go to War

[Reuters] Putin says Russia is beefing up its nuclear arsenal

[Bloomberg] El Nino Seen by Citigroup Posing Risks for Global Economy