Monday, August 24, 2015

Tuesday's News Links

[Bloomberg] China Cuts Interest Rates for Fifth Time in Bid to Stem Rout

[Reuters] Global stocks, oil, dollar extend gains after China cuts rates

[Reuters] Stock futures rise sharply as China cuts interest rates

[Bloomberg] Yen Volatility Surges Most Since Fukushima on Global Stock Rout

[WSJ] Selloff in Dim Sum Bonds Spikes Borrowing Rates in Yuan

[MarketWatch] Sales of Dim Sum bonds lifts yuan borrowing rates

[Bloomberg] Not Even World's Highest Rates Keep Foreigners in Brazil Bonds

[NYT] Uncertainty in the Market May Imperil Deal-Making

[NYT] From Venezuela to Iraq to Russia, Oil Price Drops Raise Fears of Unrest

[Bloomberg] China Said to Halt Stock Support Amid Intervention Debate

[Bloomberg] German Economy Boosted by Exports Shows Risks of China Slowdown

[Bloomberg] Saudi Arabia Is Seeking Advice on Cutting Billions From Its Budget in the Wake of the Oil Crash

[Bloomberg] China Stocks Extend Biggest Plunge Since 2007 on Support Doubts

[Bloomberg] Hedge Fund ‘Hotels’ Sting Managers by Losing Up to 42% in Week

[Bloomberg] Asian Stocks Reverse Losses as Banks, Tech Shares Advance

[Bloomberg] China's Central Bank Injects $23.4 Billion as Yuan Intervention Drains Funds

[Bloomberg] Japan’s Aso Says China Policies Stirring Concerns in Markets

[NYT] A Stock Market Rout in a Month That Hedge Funds Would Sooner Forget

[FT] Investing: Whatever the weather?

[Washington Post]  In China, a ghost town points to shifting fortunes

Monday Evening Links

[Bloomberg] S&P 500 Futures Rise After Steepest Two-Day Slump Since 2008

[Bloomberg] Yen Falls First Time in Five Days as Official Says Rally Abrupt

[Bloomberg] World Leaders Have No Words of Wisdom on Rout Spooking Investors

[Bloomberg] S&P 500 Index Falls Into Correction Amid Global Equities Rout

[Bloomberg] Biggest Day in Years for Currencies as Investors Flee Risk

[Bloomberg] Credit Risk Surges for Global Company Debt on Growth Concerns

[Bloomberg] Traders are More Bearish on Yuan Than They Are on Argentine Peso

[Bloomberg] Latin American Currencies Sink to 22-Year Low as Stocks Tumble

[Reuters] Colombian peso closes down 4.43 percent, sharpest fall since 2008

[Reuters] Oil tumbles up to 6 percent to new lows as China fears intensify rout

[FT] Low liquidity drives fresh emerging markets forex sell-off

[WSJ] Emerging Markets Hit Hard as Global Rout Continues

[NYT] Hot Tech Start-Ups May Face a Long and Bumpy Fall

[Bloomberg] Brazilian Wipeout Sends Half of Ibovespa Stocks to 52-Week Lows

[Bloomberg Audio] Faber: The Selloff Is a Signal Something Is Very Wrong

[Bloomberg] Worst Junk-Bond Bet Wipes Out Junior Lenders of KKR's Samson

[Bloomberg] Ukraine Bonds Slide With Writedown Said to Be More Than Expected