Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Tuesday Evening Links

[Bloomberg] Greek PM easily wins confidence vote, EU showdown looms

[Bloomberg] Germany Toughens Tone With Greece Before EU Meetings

[Bloomberg] Brazil Real Drops to Lowest Level in Decade as Commodities Sink

[Bloomberg] EU's Juncker steps up contacts with Greece, scant progress so far

[Reuters] Bundesbank's Weidmann urges Greece to make 'credible' reform effort

[Bloomberg] Lacker Says Incoming Data Harden View for June Fed Rate Increase

[Reuters] United States closes its embassy in conflict-hit Yemen

[AP] AP Exclusive: 20,000 foreign fighters flock to Syria, Iraq

Tuesday's News Links

[Bloomberg] German Finance Minister Schaeuble Just Poured Cold Water on Market Expectations for a Greece Deal

[Bloomberg] Trading Most Difficult Since Lehman on Greece Redux: Currencies

[Bloomberg] Tomorrow is Going to be Huge for Europe

[Bloomberg] Brazil Real Leads Global Declines as Risk Sinks With Commodities

[Reuters] Brazil real weakens past 2.8/dollar for 1st time in 10 years

[Bloomberg] Greek Bonds Rise for First Time in 5 Days on Hint of Compromise

[Bloomberg] U.S. Index Futures Signal Stocks’ Rebound From Two-Day Decline

[Bloomberg] Bond Vigilantes Gone AWOL Boost Greek Risk of Expulsion

[Bloomberg] Osborne Sees Rising Danger of Bad Outcome in Greek Crisis

[Reuters] Ukrainian forces launch offensive near Mariupol, east Ukraine: Kiev

[Reuters] Greek defense minister says Greece has Plan B if EU rigid on deal

[WSJ] Fed’s George: Wrong to Rely on Regulation Alone to Thwart Bubbles

[Bloomberg] Junk-Rated Companies Face $791 Billion in Debt Maturing by 2019

[Reuters] NY financial regulator sends subpoenas in forex probes - sources

[Washington Post] Pension plans, once inviolable promises to employees, are getting cut

[Reuters/NYT] China Data Shows Liquidity Outpaces Economic Growth

[Bloomberg] 50 Shades of Shadow Banking: China Risks Reined In

[Bloomberg] China's Pile of Debt Keeps Rising

[Bloomberg] How Japan Borrows $9 Trillion Practically for Free

[Bloomberg] Speculation Against Denmark’s Euro Peg Proving Relentless

[Bloomberg] Egypt’s Currency War: The Devaluation Eclipsed by Russia, Brazil

[Bloomberg] Tanzania Intervenes to Stem Africa’s Second-Worst Currency Drop

[Bloomberg] Nigerian Naira Weakens to Record to Breach 200 Per Dollar