Monday, February 21, 2022

Tuesday's News Links

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Ruble Rebounds, Stocks Curb Loss as Sanctions Seen Muted So Far

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Energy Prices Surge on Ukraine With Oil Closing In on $100

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Treasuries Drop as Oil-Driven Inflation Woes Outweigh Haven Bids

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Ukraine Crisis Ripples Through World Markets From Stocks to Gold

[Reuters] China stocks fall, Hong Kong slumps most in five months on Ukraine crisis

[Reuters] Germany's Scholz halts Nord Stream 2 as Ukraine crisis deepens

[Reuters] Germany, France, U.S. agree response to Putin's decision - Scholz's spokesman

[Reuters] Ukraine wants peace but won't give up its land to Russia, president says

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] U.S. Leads UN Condemnation of Russian Actions: Ukraine Update

[AP] Analysis: Putin’s take on history may lay groundwork for war

[Politico] ‘Cold War, Part 2’: How Putin is dragging America back to the bad old days

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Energy Supply Is ‘Clearly’ Germany’s Top Risk in Russia Crisis

[AP] Explainer: What is the Nord Stream 2 pipeline?

[MSN/WP] China keeps walking its tightrope between Russia and the West as tensions flare in Ukraine

[Guardian] Putin’s absurd, angry spectacle will be a turning point in his long reign

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] How Ukraine Crisis Threatens Even Higher Oil, Gas and Food Costs

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Mortgage Businesses Seen Laying Off Thousands as Volume Drops

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] High-Yield Bonds Fall as Zhenro Worries Weigh: Evergrande Update

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China Crackdown Risk Roars Back With Probe of Jack Ma’s Empire

[Reuters] China Tells Banks, State Firms to Report Exposure to Jack Ma’s Ant

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China Broadens Real Estate Lending Support to Bigger Cities

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Why Donetsk and Luhansk Matter to Putin and Global Security: Q&A

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Bitcoin Losing Out to Gold Has Analysts Eyeing $30,000 Level

[Reuters] As inflation hits 30-year high, UK households start to buckle

[Bloomberg] China Boosts Cash Injection Into Banking System Before Month-End

[NYT] What’s at Stake for the Global Economy as Conflict Looms in Ukraine

[WSJ] Putin Address Takes Swipe at U.S.-Led World Order

[WSJ] Rising Rates Hit Munis

[FT] Putin’s distortion of Ukraine’s history lays ground for further operations

Monday Evening Links

[Yahoo Finance] Ukraine-Russia crisis: Stock futures tank as situation escalates

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Stocks to Extend Drop on Deepening Ukraine Tension: Markets Wrap

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Oil Soars as Putin Orders Forces to Separatist Areas of Ukraine

[Reuters] Putin recognises Ukraine rebel regions, sends troops on what Moscow calls peacekeeping mission

Axios:  Putin orders the use of Russia's armed forces to maintain peace in Donetsk and Luhansk

[Reuters] Biden to prohibit trade, investment with Ukraine breakaway regions -White House

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] U.S., Europe Rebuke Putin for Separatist Decree: Ukraine Update

[WSJ] Putin’s Endgame: Unravel the Post-Cold War Agreements That Humiliated Russia

[WSJ] Worried About Inflation and Supply Constraints? Try Being a Small Business.

[FT] Putin recognises two separatist regions in eastern Ukraine

[FT] Putin’s made-for-TV security debate gives him answers he wants to hear on Ukraine

Monday Afternoon Links

[Reuters] Putin recognises Ukraine rebel regions, drawing Western vows of sanctions

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Stocks Retreat, Ruble Weakens on Ukraine Tension: Markets Wrap

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Ruble Sinks Most in Two Years as Putin Recognizes Separatists

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Russian Stocks Tumble Most Since Crimea Annexation in 2014

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Oil Surges as Ukraine Tensions Mount and Market Giants Bullish

[Reuters] Extracts from Putin's speech on Ukraine

[Reuters] Russia's Putin has broken international law, Britain says

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Europe Condemns Putin’s Separatist Recognition: Ukraine Update

[CNN] The latest on the Ukraine-Russia crisis

[CNN] US says it has credible information about Russian 'kill list' in potential Ukraine invasion

[Politico] The Speech In Which Putin Told Us Who He Was