Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Wednesday's News Links

[Bloomberg] NYSE Suspends Trading in All Securities

[Reuters] Greece and China expose limits of 'whatever it takes'

[Bloomberg] Greece to Extend Bank Holiday, Capital Controls Through Friday

[Bloomberg] Greece Faces Euro Exit Unless Demands Accepted by Sunday

[NYT] Tsipras Takes Defiant Tone, as Greece Submits New Loan Request

[Bloomberg] China’s Stocks Plunge as State Intervention Fails to Stop Rout

[Bloomberg] China Credit Risk Jumps as Selloff in Equities Spreads to Bonds

[FT] China stock crash sparks fears of contagion to financial system

[Bloomberg] Hong Kong’s Hang Seng Index Plunges Most Since Financial Crisis

[Bloomberg] Chinese Stock Rout Ripples Across Asia as Economy Fears Mount

[Reuters] China stock market freezing up as sell-off gathers pace

[Reuters] Yen hits 6-wk high as China, Greece turmoil saps risk appetite

[Reuters] Asian Shares Plunge on China Rout, Yen Rallies

[Bloomberg] China Bans Stock Sales by Major Shareholders for Six Months

[Bloomberg] This Is Why So Many Chinese Companies Are Suspended

[Bloomberg] Greece Too Distressed for Distressed-Debt Funds as Default Looms

[FT] Fresh turmoil hits China’s stock market

[Reuters] China stocks tumble as regulator warns of 'panic'

[Bloomberg] EU Tells Tsipras the Party’s Over as Euro Exit Door Swings Open

[Bloomberg] China Freezes Trading in 1,300 Companies, Locking Up 40% of Market Cap

[Bloomberg] China Central Bank Pledges Liquidity Support to Stock Market

[WSJ, Hilsenrath] Global Central Banking in 2015

[Bloomberg] Gundlach Sees Greek Euro Exit Opening ‘Pandora’s Box’

[UK Telegraph] The really worrying financial crisis is happening in China, not Greece

[NYT] Market’s Dive Could Delay Economic Reforms in China

[WSJ] Beijing’s Response to Stock Selloff Reveals Deep Insecurity

Tuesday Evening Links

[UK Guardian] Greece given days to agree bailout deal or face banking collapse and euro exit

[UK Telegraph, Evans-Pritchard] Europe is blowing itself apart over Greece - and nobody seems able to stop it

[Bloomberg] Greece Faces Euro Exit Unless Tsipras Bows to Demands Sunday

[Bloomberg] Greek Collapse Averted for Now as EU Leaders Await Tsipras Plan

[Bloomberg] How a Chaotic Grexit Could Wipe Out $1.4 Trillion in Global M&A

[Reuters] Greek Banks Could Run Out of Cash in Next Two Days: Sources

[UK Guardian] Tsipras and Merkel: polar opposites who depend entirely on each other

[WSJ] Europe’s Headaches Are Just Beginning

[WSJ] Eurozone Considers Proposal to Offer Greece Interim Funding

[Bloomberg] Mortgage Bonds Can’t Keep Up With Spreads at 11-Month High

[Bloomberg] BRICS Hail $100 Billion Reserves Pool as Leaders Meet in Russia