Monday, April 24, 2023

Tuesday's News Links

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Stocks Fall Amid Mixed Earnings; Bonds Rise: Markets Wrap

[Reuters] First Republic shares plunge as $100 bln deposit flight jolts investors

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Oil Swings as Muddy Economic Outlook Blunts Supply-Driven Gains

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] First Republic’s Strains Jar Investors Anew After Weeks of Calm

[Reuters] US consumer confidence falls to 9-month low in April

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] US Home-Price Gains Cool as Buyers Squeezed by Higher Rates

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China’s Deepening Selloff Shows Investors Are Losing Confidence

[Reuters] UBS hit by old toxic debt costs ahead of 'hard' Credit Suisse task

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Fed’s Crisis Dollar Sales Pared Back as Global Tensions Subside

[Reuters] BOJ's Ueda vows to keep rates low for now, signals chance of future hike

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Italy Stands Out to Moody’s as Only Country Risking Junk

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Ukraine Latest: Russia Makes Grain Threat After Black Sea Attack

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Eastern Europe Is Borrowing Like Never Before as War’s Financial Toll Piles Up

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] UN Chief Blasts Russia’s Ukraine Invasion as Lavrov Looks On

[Reuters] Putin ally: We are probably on verge of a new world war

[Bloomberg] Low Volatility Masks Risks to Stocks, JPMorgan Says

[Bloomberg] Ueda Looks to Avoid Fireworks at First BOJ Meeting as Chief

[WSJ] Record High Manhattan Apartment Rents May Not Save Blackstone From Default

[WSJ] The Global Defense Spending Boom

[WSJ] What Is Happening in Sudan? The Fighting Explained

[FT] Fed up with low rates on deposits, US savers snap up government debt

[FT] Climate change will keep inflation high, Norway oil fund chief warns

Monday Evening Links

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Stocks Drift With Focus on Earnings; Bonds Rally: Markets Wrap

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] First Republic to Shrink After Deposits Drop More Than Expected

[Reuters] First Republic Bank deposits tumble more than $100 bln as it explores options

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] McCarthy Refuses to Change Debt-Limit Bill Despite Republican Skeptics

[Reuters] Investors flock to one-month bills on US debt ceiling jitters, shun others

[AP] What’s behind the looming ‘x-date’ on the US debt limit?

[WSJ] First Republic Joins the Living Dead

[FT] Chip war adds to growing tensions between China and the west

Monday Afternoon Links

[Reuters] Wall St muted ahead of tech earnings, economic data

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Oil Swings in Volatile Session as Traders Assess Demand Signals

[Reuters] At UN, Russia's Lavrov warns world at 'dangerous threshold'

[Reuters] UN chief criticizes Russia at UN meeting chaired by Lavrov

[Reuters] U.N. chief warns of 'catastrophic conflagration' in Sudan as foreign exodus accelerates

[NYT] Smaller U.S. Banks Say the Crisis Is Contained but Fears Persist

[WSJ] Global Military Spending Hits Record Amid Ukraine, China Tensions