Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Wednesday's News Links

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Stocks Extend Gain, Bonds Erase Loss on CPI: Markets Wrap

[Reuters] World shares gain for eighth day in a row; Wall Street set for stronger open

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Oil Extends Longest Rising Streak in Two Years as Stocks Drain

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Gold Holds Three-Day Advance as Platinum Surges Above $1,200

[Reuters] U.S. consumer prices increase steadily in January

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] House Plans Medicaid, Drug Price Reforms: Stimulus Update

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Credit Investors Lose Money Like It’s 2018 on Duration Risk

[CNBC] Covid live updates: Germany may extend lockdown into March; anti-vaxxers hindering U.S. vaccine roll out

[CNBC] Long-haul symptoms should be a ‘wake-up call’ for young people when it comes to avoiding Covid

[CNBC] GM warns chip shortage could cut 2021 earnings by up to $2 billion

[CNBC] Mortgage demand drops as interest rates hit a three-month high

[Reuters] China's factory prices snap year-long decline as demand recovers

[CNBC] Container shipping locked in a ‘significant bottleneck’ as demand surges back

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Global Shipping Chaos Expected to Return to Normal by Mid-Year

[AP] Explainer: What the WHO coronavirus experts learned in Wuhan

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Coleman Leads $23 Billion Payday for 15 Hedge Fund Earners

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Junk Bond Boom in Sweden Raises Concerns Over QE ‘Gasoline’

[Bloomberg] China’s Inflation Divergence Shows Unbalanced Economic Recovery

[Bloomberg] Dudley: Four More Reasons to Worry About U.S. Inflation

[WSJ] America Went on a Borrowing Binge, but Banks Were Left Out

[FT] Powell faces pressure to weigh impact of Biden stimulus

[FT] The Fed must be mindful of mounting inflation worries

Tuesday Evening Links

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Global Stock Rally Stalls; Dollar Retreats: Markets Wrap

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Coldest Blast of Winter Shakes Energy Markets Across the U.S.

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Gold Gains for Third Day on Weaker Dollar, U.S. Stimulus View

[Reuters] In meeting with business leaders, Biden backs stricter income limits for stimulus checks

[Reuters] Biden's OMB pick cites concern about China's adherence to trade rules

[Yahoo Finance] How a $15 federal minimum wage could affect hiring trends, inflation: Morgan Stanley

Tuesday Afternoon Links

[Bloomberg] U.S. Stocks Fluctuate; Dollar Drops as Bonds Rise: Markets Wrap

[CNBC] $1,400 stimulus checks: What we know about who could qualify based on House Democrats’ latest plan

[CNBC] Covid live updates: FEMA spending $3 billion on vaccine centers; 2.7 million homes under mortgage delinquency

[AP] Biden treads carefully around Trump’s combative trade policy

[Reuters] Cash flush Americans buying shares as pandemic limits spending options

[Bloomberg] Surging Inflation May Force Fed to Resort to Yield Curve-Control

[WSJ] Covid-19 Mortgage Relief Ends Soon for Millions of Homeowners