Monday, April 6, 2015

Monday Evening Links

[Bloomberg] Asia Stocks Follow U.S. Rally as Tech, Consumer Companies Gain

[NYT] Beneath California Crops, Groundwater Crisis Grows

[CNBC] Drought of '15: Desalination won’t save California

[Reuters] Greece puts a figure on World War Two reparation claims from Germany

[AP] Fierce Fighting as Rebels Move on Holdouts in Yemen's Aden

[AFP] Russia 'dismayed' at Saudi-led strikes in Yemen

Monday's News Links

[Reuters] Oil leaps 5 percent on tempered Iran view, slower U.S. inventory rise

[Bloomberg] Oil Slump Pushes S&P Toward First Profit Decline Since 2009

[Bloomberg] Emerging Stocks Rise to Four-Month High After U.S. Jobs Data

[Bloomberg] Greeks Pursue Talks on All Fronts as Tsipras Heads to Russia

[Reuters] Greece moves to quell default fears, pledges to meet 'all obligations'

[NYT] Greece and I.M.F. Hold Talks on Crucial Debt Payment

[UK Guardian] Greek political unrest and deepening debt crisis fuel talk of snap election

[Bloomberg] Petrobras’s China Cash Stems Bond Tumble But Comes With a Stigma

[WSJ] Broken Bond Market Complicates Fed’s Plan to Raise Rates

[WSJ] Pressure in Repo Market Spreads

[Bloomberg] In Greenspan Conundrum Redux, Odds Are on Bond Traders’ Side

[Bloomberg] Dudley Says Fed Tightening Pace Will Probably Be Shallow

[Bloomberg] Larry Summers: The Past Month May Go Down as a Turning Point for U.S. Economic Power

[Bloomberg] China Gets 2nd Onshore Default as Cloud Live Date Missed

[AP] Strikes Proliferate in China as Working Class Awakens

[Reuters] Call made in China for national housing bank to prop up property

[CNN] Death toll rises quickly as conflict rages in Yemen

[Bloomberg] Russian Inflation at Fastest in 13 Years After Ruble Crisis

[Bloomberg] Overflowing Corn Bins Spur Most Bearish Outlook Ever on Grains

[Bloomberg] Once Over $12 Trillion, the World’s Reserves Are Now Shrinking

[Bloomberg] The Golden Boy of Brazilian Finance Faces His Biggest Threat Yet