Friday, January 21, 2022

Friday Evening Links

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Tech Leads Stocks to Worst Week Since March 2020: Markets Wrap 

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Nasdaq 100’s Unrelenting Declines Ring a Dot-Com Bust Alarm Bell

[CNBC] Two years since Covid was first confirmed in U.S., the pandemic is worse than anyone imagined

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Fresh Produce Risks Getting More Scarce With U.S. Jabs Mandate

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] The Fed Might End Up Needing to Actually Sell Some of Its Bonds

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] IMF Chief Urges Debt-Laden Nations Act Now to Avoid Problems

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China’s Wild Markets Raise Stakes for Traders Buying Into Rally

[Bloomberg] Where’s That ‘Fed Put’? Scorched Dip Buyers Confront the Market’s New Reality

[NYT] The Markets Tremble as the Fed’s Lifeline Fades

[WSJ] How the U.S. Messed Up Its New 5G Rollout: ‘It Wasn’t Our Finest Hour’

[FT] Beijing Winter Olympics poses challenge to China’s zero-Covid policy

Friday Afternoon Links

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Tech Selloff Leads Stocks Lower; Bitcoin Sinks: Markets Wrap

[Reuters] Bond yields tumble as Netflix fuels stock market sell-off

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Crypto Meltdown Erases More Than $1 Trillion in Market Value

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Oil’s Scorching Rally Cools After Prices Reach Seven-Year High

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Gold Set for Weekly Gain With Inflation Outlook, Dollar in Focus

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Global Bonds Rally Amid Deepening Tech Selloff, Russia Tensions

[Reuters] Global ETFs saw record inflows in 2021

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Summers Says He Doubts U.S. Inflation Will Slow to 2% This Year

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Barclays Sees Treasury Liquidity Ripples as the Fed Beats Retreat

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Banks Prep a $100 Billion Debt Bonanza in Year of Mega Deals

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] U.S. Weighs Pulling Diplomats’ Family Members Out of Ukraine