Thursday, March 31, 2022

Friday's News Links

[Reuters] Ukraine negotiations to resume, Europe faces Russia gas deadline

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Ukraine Update: Talks Resume; Russia Details Gas Payments

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Stocks Gain After U.S Payrolls Miss: Markets Wrap

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Oil Heads for Weekly Decline as U.S. Plans Huge Reserve Release

[CNBC] Jobs rose 431,000 in March despite worries over slowing economy

[Reuters] Parts shortages, high gas prices weigh on U.S. auto market

[Reuters] Inflation 'rhino' may be difficult to stop, Deutsche Bank says

[Reuters] EU urges China at summit not to help Russia in Ukraine war

[AP] China rejects sanctions as Ukraine war tops summit agenda

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Euro-Zone Inflation Tops Estimates to Hit New Record on War

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China Growth Outlook Worsens as Manufacturing, Home Sales Slump

[Reuters] As Shanghai expands COVID lockdown, life on hold in city of 26 million

[Reuters] 'From our heart': Taiwan rejects China's criticism over Ukraine aid

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Ukraine Sunflower Oil Crisis Hits Food From Chips to Cookies

[Reuters] Russia's Lavrov hopes to bypass sanctions in trade with "friend" India

[Bloomberg] China Home Sales Slump Worsens Despite Vows to Support Market

[Bloomberg] China Crushed Covid. But Covid Zero Could Crush China

[Bloomberg] War Means Surging Steel Prices and Unfinished Infrastructure

[WSJ] Behind the Front Lines, Russia’s Military Struggles to Supply Its Forces

[FT] Global dealmaking falls to lowest level since start of pandemic

Thursday Evening Links

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Ukraine Update: Aid Convoys Have Been Unable to Reach Mariupol

[Reuters] Wall Street falls as S&P suffers biggest quarterly drop in two years

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Oil Falls With Biden Ordering Record Release From U.S. Reserves

[Reuters] Analysis: U.S. stocks, bonds flash diverging signals as volatile first quarter ends

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Biden Orders Huge Oil Release, Prods Drillers to Step Up Output

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Soy Usurps King Corn as U.S. Farmers Dodge Pricey Fertilizer

[Reuters] Britain, allies to send more lethal aid to Ukraine

[Reuters] Germany mulls nationalization of Gazprom, Rosneft units -Handelsblatt

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Emerging Markets Cap Dismal Quarter Shaken by War, Inflation

[WSJ] Bond Market Suffers Worst Quarter in Decades

[WSJ] Commodities Finish Best Quarter in 32 Years

[FT] Why Putin wants Europeans to pay for gas supplies in roubles

Thursday Afternoon Links

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Biden Sets Million-Barrel-a-Day Oil Release to Tame Prices

[Reuters] Europe's Russian gas in jeopardy, Ukraine braces for new assaults

[Reuters] Russia sets deadline for rouble gas payments, Europe calls it 'blackmail'

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Ukraine Update: Putin Says Russia Will Send Gas Amid Ruble Shift

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Stocks Set for First Losing Quarter in Two Years: Markets Wrap

[Reuters] Oil prices dive as U.S. set to announce record reserves release

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] European Stocks Post Worst Quarter in Two Years on Growth Woes

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] U.S. Mortgage Rates Soar, Reaching Highest Since Late 2018

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Soaring Mortgage Rates in U.S. Dent Demand for Vacation Homes

[Reuters] Shanghai to expand lockdown to most residents as COVID cases rise

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Trapped Traders Skip Showers, Lose Sleep in Shanghai Lockdown

[Bloomberg] Bondholders Brace For Russian Expulsion From $842 Billion Club

[Bloomberg] Oil Drillers Say Scarce Steel Is One Reason for Flat U.S. Output

[NYT] Rising Wages Could Complicate America’s Inflation Cool-Down

[WSJ] Bond Market Suffers Worst Quarter in Decades

[WSJ] Inflation Could Create a Sticky Situation

[FT] Tett: Supply chain crises force corporate America into a ‘what if’ mindset

[FT] Shanghai extends Covid lockdown measures despite economic concerns

[FT] BoJ to boost bond buying even as yen suffers worst month since 2016