Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Wednesday Evening Links

[MarketWatch] 2 Brexit polls give edge to 'remain' camp

[Bloomberg] Final Brexit Appeals Made as ‘Leave’ Edges Ahead in Two Polls

[Bloomberg] Yellen Productivity Concern Shows Slump’s Theory-to-Policy Shift

[CNBC] Record buybacks fail to lift S&P 500

[Bloomberg] Ex-Deutsche Bank Trader Admits to Rigging Libor in U.S.

[Bloomberg] Stealth China Stimulus Means Fiscal Gap Over 10%, Economists Say

Wednesday's News Links

[Bloomberg] Stocks Climb With Pound Before Brexit Vote as Italian Bonds Gain

[Bloomberg] Yuan Extends Declines Versus Peers on Economic Outlook Concern

[Bloomberg] Brexit Polls and Markets Disagree in Campaign’s Final Hours

[Reuters] EU referendum: Five key moments from the Great Debate

[CNBC] Brexit or not, EU questions will linger after vote, strategist says

[Reuters] Citi says close 'In' vote could still undermine EU and UK stability

[Bloomberg] U.S. Home Prices Increased 5.9% in April From Year Earlier

[Bloomberg] Performance Is Trumping Safety in the Low-Volatility ETF Craze

[Bloomberg] Renters Are Making More, And Landlords Get It All

[Reuters] U.S. regulators keep eye out for risks from marketplace lending

[Bloomberg] Default Swaps Broken for U.K. Bank Bonds as Brexit Vote Nears

[FT] Le Pen seeks mileage from Brexit debate

[WSJ] Italy’s 5 Star Movement Calls for Euro Referendum

[FT] A meeting about money markets that’s kind of a big deal

[NYT] Former Bangladesh Bank Chief Blames Global System for Theft

[FT] Japan spooked by naval mystery in East China Sea

[Reuters] China's top paper lambasts U.S. aircraft carrier deployment

[Reuters] Putin says Russia must strengthen as 'aggressive' NATO approaches