Thursday, May 9, 2019

Friday's News Links

[Reuters] Wall St. lower on worries of protracted trade dispute

[CNBC] Dow futures fall 150 points after Trump tweets 'no need to rush' on China trade deal

[Reuters] Safe-haven yen, Swiss franc stand tall as trade tensions mount

[Reuters] Oil rallies on hopes for U.S.-China trade deal

[Reuters] U.S. escalates trade war amid negotiations, China says it will hit back

[Reuters] Trump says in 'no rush' to complete China trade deal

[Reuters] Trump's tariff hike on $200 billion of Chinese goods takes effect

[Reuters] U.S. consumer prices rise; underlying inflation tame

[AP] Trump claims China tariffs help US, trade talks ‘congenial’

[Bloomberg] Trump Sees ‘No Need to Rush’ China Talks as Trade War Escalates

[Bloomberg] Trump Ends China Trade Truce as Both Sides Plan More Tariffs

[Bloomberg] China State Funds Prop Up Stocks

[NYT] China, Defiant but Careful, Promises Aggressive Response to Tariffs

[WSJ] U.S. Slaps Higher Tariffs on Chinese Imports as Trade Talks Resume

[WSJ] Escalating U.S.-China Trade Fight Stings Companies World-Wide

[WSJ] Trade Turmoil Strains Rally in Emerging-Market Currencies

[FT] No breakthrough in US-China trade talks as tariffs set to rise

[FT] Blind faith in the high equity return cult will lead to disaster

[FT] China’s industrial-military hawks flex their anti-US muscles

Thursday Evening Links

[Reuters] Asia stocks rise as increased tariffs on China loom

[Reuters] First day of U.S.-China trade talks end; Trump's tariff hike set to take effect

[CNBC] Stocks cut losses after Trump says China trade deal still possible, Dow down 200 points

[CNBC] Trump says deal with China is still possible, but tariffs are an 'excellent' alternative

[Reuters] Trump rattles saber at China ahead of make-or-break trade talks

[Reuters] Trump says he has received 'beautiful' letter from China's Xi

[Reuters] U.S. 30-year bonds sold at lowest yield since January 2018

[Reuters] Oil falls as U.S.-China trade fears overshadow supply drop

[Reuters] U.S.-based equity funds post $12.7 bln of cash withdrawals -Lipper

[Reuters] U.S. goods trade deficit with China hits five-year low

[Reuters] North Korea launches more missiles; U.S. seizes coal ship as tensions mount

[AP] Burned before, US pushes for way to enforce China trade deal

[Bloomberg] China Is Armed With Powerful Market Weapons in Duel With Trump

[Bloomberg] China's Electric-Car Mania Draws Parallels to the Dot-Com Bubble

[NYT] Trump Could Raise Tariffs on China. Here’s How China Could Respond.

[WSJ] Can This Marriage Be Saved? Chinese-U.S. Integration Frays

[WSJ] Liquidity Questions Plague Exchange-Traded Funds

[WSJ] As Hurricane, Fire Seasons Approach, More People Likely to Be in Harm’s Way