Monday, July 20, 2015

Tuesday's News Links

[Reuters] Greece looks to seal bailout deal in weeks

[NYT] Euro Zone's Have-Nots Ask-Why Should Greece Get More Than Us?

[Bloomberg] Italian Bonds Gain for 11th Day as QE Pushes Market After Greece

[Bloomberg] Wall Street Lenders Growing Impatient With U.S. Shale Revolution

[Reuters] U.S. banks prepare for oil and gas company loans to worsen

[Bloomberg] Bull Market for Global Economists as Dominguez Tapped for Fed

[Bloomberg] Toshiba Executives Resign Over $1.2 Billion Accounting Scandal

[Reuters] China injects massive funds into policy lenders - Caixin

[WSJ] As Markets Swing, Beijing Steadies Yuan

[FT] New Brics bank in Shanghai to challenge major institutions

[Bloomberg] Gold Leads Commodities ‘Mess’ That Has Many Investors Smarting

[Bloomberg] China Protests U.S. Pacific Fleet Commander’s Spy-Plane Flight

[Reuters] Japan ratchets up criticism of China in revised defense paper

[Reuters] U.S. 'disturbed' by Iranian leader's criticism after deal

[Bloomberg] Monster El NiƱo Makes Record-Hot Year Look Inevitable

[Bloomberg] World Breaks Temperature Record as Climate Summit Nears

Monday Evening Links

[Bloomberg] New Data Show How Bad Things Were for Greek Banks the Week Capital Controls Were Introduced

[Bloomberg] Four Signs of Pain in Commodities

[Bloomberg] Puerto Rico Says Services Come Before Agency Debt Payment

[Bloomberg] Puerto Rico on the Brink Owes Investors $5 Billion in Next Year

[Bloomberg] BM Drops After Revenue Declines for 13th Straight Quarter

[Bloomberg] Russian Town Near Ukraine, Once Quiet, Now Buzzes With Military Activity