Sunday, May 17, 2015

Sunday Evening Links

[Bloomberg] Greek Endgame Nears for Tsipras as Bank Collateral Hits Buffers

[Bloomberg] Euro Wreaks Havoc on Carry Trades in Rally Almost No One Foresaw

[Reuters] Amid China slowdown, foreign creditors face bankruptcy riddle

[Bloomberg] Bond-Market Crash Has Wall Street Banks Divided on What’s Next

[NYT] Facing Low Returns and Balky Investors, More Hedge Funds Close Doors

[Reuters] Islamic State says it has full control of Iraq's Ramadi

[Reuters] Saudi-led alliance resumes air strikes on Yemen

[Bloomberg] Macedonianas in Mass Opposition Rally Seeking PM’s Ouster

Sunday's News Links

[Bloomberg] Greece Remains Defiant as It Seeks Deal With Creditors This Week

[USAT] Tech Froth has Some Investors Talking Bubble

[Reuters] German economy minister says Greece can only get more aid if it reforms

[FT] Screeching U-turns on bonds and greenbacks

[NYT, Morgenson] Shareholders’ Votes Have Done Little to Curb Lavish Executive Pay

[LA Times] Drought cuts power production of California dams

[Bloomberg] China Calls On Banks to Support State Projects as Economy Slows

[Bloomberg] Iran’s Yemen Aid Ship Enters Gulf of Aden, Defying Saudi Navy

[AP] Neither China nor US giving ground over projects dispute

[Der Spiegel] Interview with Iranian Foreign Minister: 'We Will Have Differences with US No Matter What'

[Reuters] West clings to fraying Ukraine peace deal despite Kiev doubts

[AFP] Russia flexes Central Asia military might amid Afghan fears

[Newsweek] Vladimir Putin’s Budding Bromance With China’s Xi Jinping