Sunday, April 21, 2019

Monday's News Links

[Reuters] Stocks pull back ahead of earnings; oil stocks jump

[Reuters] Oil hits 2019 high on U.S. plan to tighten squeeze on Iran

[Reuters] China stocks fall from 13-month high on worries Beijing may slow policy easing

[Reuters] Gold recovers from 4-month low, tracks oil price rally

[Reuters] U.S. to announce end to Iran sanctions waivers, oil prices spike

[BBC] Why the US-China rivalry will not end with a trade deal

[Bloomberg] Beijing Just Undermined China's $2.5 Trillion Stock Rally

[Bloomberg] Iran Raises Stakes in U.S. Showdown With Threat to Close Hormuz

[Bloomberg] Trump’s Housing Agency Cracks Down on No-Money-Down Home Loans

[Bloomberg] El-Erian: What’s Missing for a Market ‘Melt Up’

[WSJ] As Stocks Climb, Some Investors Wonder When to Get Out

[FT] Why American CEOs are worried about capitalism

[FT] The rise of ‘super carry’ unsettles private equity investors

[FT] Fatal fever ravages China’s pig farms and shakes global food markets

[FT] Chinese stocks fall on fears of fresh ‘shadow banking’ purge

[FT] Macro hedge funds hopeful the good times are back

Sunday Evening Links

[Reuters] Asia stocks firm, crude hits 5-month high on Iran sanctions report

[Reuters] Strong stock and bond markets at odds over global growth

[Bloomberg] Sudden Rush to Raise Cash in China Is Burning Stock Investors

[Reuters] Tripoli forces push opponents back slightly south of Libyan capital-witnesses

[WSJ] Trade Deal Alone Won’t Fix Strained U.S.-China Business Relations

[WSJ] Perpetual Motion: Chinese State Companies Fine-Tune Their Financial Engineering

[FT] Hold-up to state sell-offs curbs Italy’s plans to cut public debt

[FT] China to showcase growing naval power with parade at sea

Sunday's News Links

[Reuters] Financial market 'pause party' makes Fed rate cut less likely

[Reuters] In nod to debt concerns, China Belt and Road summit to urge sustainable financing

[Bloomberg] Swiss Rates Can Be Lowered Further, SNB's President Says

[Reuters] Air strikes and explosions hit Libyan capital