Monday, February 5, 2018

Tuesday's News Links

[Bloomberg] Stock Gyrations Set Volatility Bets on Wild Ride: Markets Wrap

[CNBC] Global stocks plunge as sell-off spreads around the world

[CNBC] Key measure of market volatility — the VIX — jumps above 50, highest level since Aug 2015

[Bloomberg] U.S. Trade Deficit Is Wider Than Any Month or Year Since 2008

[Reuters] BlackRock warns of risk as inverse volatility products sink

[MarketWatch] ‘Short-volatility Armageddon’ craters a pair of Wall Street’s most popular trades, could roil market

[Bloomberg] Volatility Jump Has Traders Asking About VIX Note Poison Pill

[Bloomberg] China's Willingness to Defend Its Stock Markets Put to Test

[Bloomberg] Emerging Market Outflows Are Biggest Since 2016 U.S. Election

[Bloomberg] Inflation Is About to Appear ‘With a Vengeance,’ Paul Tudor Jones Says

Monday Evening Links

[Reuters] Asian shares set to tumble as 'goldilocks' trade unwinds

[Bloomberg] U.S. Stocks Sink Most Since 2011 as Rout Deepens: Markets Wrap

[Bloomberg] U.S. Stocks Face $100 Billion in ‘Systemic’ Outflows, JPMorgan Says

[Bloomberg] VIX at 38 Is Waterloo for Short Vol Trade That Everyone Adored

[Bloomberg] Machines Had Their Fingerprints All Over a Dow Rout for the Ages

[CNBC] Obscure security linked to stock volatility plummets 80% after hours, sparking worries of bigger market effect

[Bloomberg] Bad Day Turns Terrifying With the Dow's Dramatic Drop

[Bloomberg] Powell’s First Day Brings Stock Rout

[Bloomberg] Bulls Go Missing as Global Equities Buckle From U.S to Japan

[Reuters] White House says fundamentals of U.S. economy strong

[Bloomberg] Dow's 15-Minute Plunge Had Elements of a `Flash Crash,' ISI Says

[Bloomberg] Bitcoin Tumbles Almost 20% as Crypto Backlash Accelerates

[Reuters] U.S. services sector activity jumps to 12-1/2-year high

[Bloomberg] Citadel’s Ken Griffin Is Concerned About ‘Dark Cloud’ of Inflation

[Bloomberg] Draghi Says ECB Can't Yet Declare Victory in Inflation Struggle

[Bloomberg] ECB Slashes Government-Bonds Share as Buying Program Nears End

[WSJ] Dow Drops More Than 1,100 Points in Stock-Market Rout

[WSJ] Credit Markets to Stock Investors: Calm Down