Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Wednesday Evening Links

[Bloomberg] Did the Fed Just Enter the Currency Wars?

[NYT] Fed Appears to Hesitate on Raising Interest Rate

[Bloomberg] Greece Pressure Mounts as ECB Shows Caution on Bank Funds

[Bloomberg] ECB Said to Expand Greek Bank Lifeline to Cover Fleeing Deposits

[Bloomberg] Many Fed Officials Were Inclined to Keep Zero Rates Longer

[NYT] A Bloody Retreat From Debaltseve as Ukrainian Forces Suddenly Withdraw

[Bloomberg] China Lowers Holdings of U.S. Treasuries as Reserve Growth Slows

[Reuters] China calls the shots in Asia's currency war

[Bloomberg] Bubbles ‘Wherever We Look’ Unnerve Top Nordic Buyout Fund

[Bloomberg] Manhattan Condo Lists for Record $150 Million

[UK Guardian] Yanis Varoufakis: How I became an erratic Marxist

Wednesday's News Links

[Reuters] Exclusive - Greece to run out of cash by end-March without new aid: source

[NYT] Greece to Propose Compromise on E.U. Bailout

[Bloomberg] Greek Bonds Advance With Spain’s as Loan Agreement Seen Closer

[Reuters] Greece to submit loan request to euro zone, Germany resists

[Bloomberg] Greece Poised to Request Six-Month Loan Extension

[Reuters] Greece faces resistance to extra emergency funds for banks

[Reuters] Greek negotiations with euro zone at crucial stage: PM Tsipras

[BBC] Ukraine troops retreat from key town Debaltseve

[UK Guardian] Ukraine: US accuses Russia of breaching ceasefire after fighting at key town

[Bloomberg] SEC Sees Pervasive Bad Behavior in Complex Debt: Credit Markets

[WSJ] Pressure Builds to Weaken the Yuan

[Reuters] China to crank up oil product exports, add to supply glut

[Bloomberg] Million-Dollar Bribe at Beijing Jazz Bar for Top Banker

[Bloomberg] Kuroda Sees Inflation on Track as BOJ Keeps Record Stimulus

[Bloomberg] Lawmakers Hospitalized in ‘Police State’ Brawl in Turkey

[Bloomberg] Venezuela Squanders Its Oil Wealth

[Bloomberg] Soros Shifts to Europe, Asia as Investors Cut U.S. Equities

[Reuters] Battle lines drawn for a civil war in Yemen

[Reuters] Italy warns of Libya threat, pressure for action grows

[Washington Post] Argentina gov’t braces for march to protest prosecutor death