Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Thursday's News Links

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Stocks, Bonds Struggle as Rate Uncertainty Lingers: Markets Wrap

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Oil Extends Plunge as Brent Falls Below $85 on Demand Worries

[CNBC] U.S. jobless claims increase slightly to 207,000 for the week

[Reuters] US employers announce fewer layoffs in September, report shows

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] US Trade Deficit Shrinks to $58.3 Billion, Smallest Since 2020

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Only a Stocks Crash Can Rescue the Bond Market, Barclays Says

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Private Credit’s Lavish Profits Are Coming Under Scrutiny

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Underwater Trade-Ins Are Costing New Car Buyers Almost $6,000

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Early Estimates Suggest Japan Didn’t Conduct FX Intervention

[Reuters] Evergrande crisis tests Beijing's fallout management as creditor jitters mount

[Reuters] 2023 on track to become another record-breaking year as temperature hits new high

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Climate monitor records hottest ever September by ‘extraordinary’ 0.5C margin

[Bloomberg] Hong Kong to Pause Selling Commercial Land as Market Falters

[WSJ] Warsh: The Bond Market’s Message

[WSJ] Rising Interest Rates Mean Deficits Finally Matter

[WSJ] Where Have the Traders Gone? A $4 Trillion Market Is Stuck in a Rut

[FT] Who feels the pain from the bond sell-off?

[FT] El-Erian: The US may no longer avoid a recession

[FT] WTO cuts world trade forecast as manufacturing slowdown bites

Wednesday Evening Links

[Reuters] Nasdaq leads Wall St rebound after weaker-than-expected data

[Reuters] World's biggest bond markets hit by wave of selling, then bounce

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Oil Falls Most in a Year as Economic Storm Clouds Imperil Demand

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Long Bonds’ Historic 46% Meltdown Rivals Burst of Dot-Com Bubble

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Mortgage Bonds Slump Near Post-Crisis Record

[Reuters] UAW, automakers signal progress after days of stalemate - sources

[Reuters] Steve Scalise, Jim Jordan bid to fill top job in leaderless US House

[NYT] A ‘Shadow’ Lending Market in the U.S., Funded by Insurance Premiums

Wednesday Afternoon Links

[Reuters] Nasdaq, S&P 500 rise after fresh jobs data, Treasury yields retreat

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Oil Extends Slump to Lowest in a Month on Weaker Economic Signs

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] US Services Activity Moderates as Orders Growth Slides

[Yahoo Finance] McCarthy ouster raises chances of government shutdown, Goldman says

[Reuters] US corporate bond spreads widen as hopes dim for soft landing