Monday, February 11, 2019

Tuesday's News Links

[Reuters] Global stocks ride high as 'risk-on' reigns supreme

[Reuters] Oil prices rise on OPEC output cuts, as U.S. sanctions bite

[Reuters] U.S. lawmakers reach tentative deal to avoid government shutdown

[Reuters] Trump not made decision about border security deal: official

[Reuters] Top U.S. officials arrive in China for trade talks as deadline looms

[Bloomberg] Trump Wants to Meet With Xi ‘Very Soon’ Over Trade War, Adviser Says

[Reuters] Debt guarantee tangle: China's private firms hit by default contagion

[Reuters] Northern China pollution up 16 percent in January

[Reuters] Past Misdeeds Are Coming Back to Haunt Turkey's Central Bank

[NYT] Latest Warning Sign for Markets: A Possible ‘Earnings Recession’

[WSJ] China, U.S. Seek to Narrow Gap on Trade for Trump, Xi to Close at a Summit

[WSJ] Europe’s Biggest Job Opening in Years: President of the ECB

[WSJ] China’s Developers Go on Borrowing Spree

[FT] Watch out for China’s trade red lines as anniversaries loom

[FT] China bulks up on gold reserves for a second consecutive month

Monday Evening Links

[Reuters] Wall Street wavers as investors eye trade talks, growth fears

[Reuters] Dollar LIBOR resumes drop to lowest level since November

[Reuters] Trump says Democrats to blame if government shuts down again

[Reuters] Fed's Bowman says she is comfortable with policy stance

[Bloomberg] China's Problems Hit It All at Once

[Bloomberg] Morgan Stanley's Wilson Sees S&P 500 Earnings Growth Flatlining

[CNBC] Paul Tudor Jones says 'mania' in share buybacks threatens to have 'social consequences'

[MarketWatch: Soros] Opinion: Europe may be on the cusp of a nightmare, but it’s not too late to wake up

[AP] AP Explains: The promise of 5G wireless - speed, hype, risk

[Reuters] Pompeo warns allies Huawei presence complicates partnership with U.S.

[WSJ] Lawmakers to Resume Stalled Border-Security Talks

[WSJ] How Bad Is the China Slowdown? U.S. Companies Offer Some Answers

[WSJ] The Benchmark Set to Replace Libor Suffers Volatility Spike

[FT] Europe faces a reckoning as ‘the bezzle’ bites QE

[FT] Matteo Salvini talks up seizing control of Italy’s gold reserves