Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Wednesday's News Links

[Bloomberg] Stocks Rally With Banks on BOJ Amid Fed Countdown; Oil Climbs

[Bloomberg] BOJ Shifts Policy Framework to Targeting Japan’s Yield Curve

[Reuters] BOJ overhauls policy focus, sets target for government bond yields

[Reuters] Yen strengthens on scepticism about BOJ's new framework

[CNBC] SEC charges hedge fund manager Leon Cooperman, Omega Advisers with insider trading

[Bloomberg] U.S., Japanese Bonds Trim Loss as BOJ Seen ‘Not Hawkish at All’

[Reuters] Over to the Fed after world stocks get a lift from BOJ

[Bloomberg] Fed Focus Turns to Dots as Hike Odds Fade: Decision-Day Guide

[Bloomberg] Kuroda’s Journey From Shock-And-Awe to Bond Market Fine-Tuning

[Bloomberg] The Bank of Japan's Moment of Truth: Decision Day Guide

[Bloomberg] Helicopters Circle Over Bank of Japan With Kuroda Running Out of Options

[MarketWatch] 4 things to know about the Bank of Japan’s policy meeting

[Reuters] China property developers may issue $150 billion in bonds in 2016

[Bloomberg] Japanese Exports Decline for 11th Straight Month in August

[WSJ] Central-Bank Rescues Prove Profitable

[FT] BoJ experiment risks the worst of all worlds

Tuesday Evening Links

[Bloomberg] Mexico’s Central Bank Tested by Traders as Peso Falls to Record

[Bloomberg] Long Trade in Corporates Brings Pain as Central Banks Deliberate

[Bloomberg] Gold Seen Entering Long-Term Bull Market as Asset Bubbles Burst

[FT] Calm descends before central bank storm

[FT] Debt buybacks boom as companies cut borrowing costs

[Bloomberg] Why China's Experiment in Direct Democracy Was Doomed to Fail

Tuesday's News Links

[Bloomberg] Bonds Rise With Stocks as Clock Ticks Toward Fed, BOJ; Oil Falls

[Bloomberg] Deutsche Bank’s Riskiest Bonds Fall to Lowest Since February

[Bloomberg] Asian Stocks Hold Gains as Bonds Decline Amid BOJ, Fed Countdown

[Bloomberg] Signs Are Building That the BOJ Is Reaching Its 'Endgame'

[Bloomberg] Supersized Corporate Bond Sales Are Taking a Bigger Bite Out of an $8 Trillion Market

[Bloomberg] Yuan Funding Crunch Shows Risks in Reserve Currency Ranking

[Bloomberg] China Risks $375 Billion of Shadow Banking Losses, CLSA Says

[CNBC] Why the Bank of Japan may overshadow the Federal Reserve on Super Wednesday

[Bloomberg] Housing Starts in U.S. Declined in August on Plunge in South

[Bloomberg] China’s Biggest Banks Quicken Pace of Bad-Loan Security Sales

[MarketWatch] Meet the affable bear who expects the S&P to tumble to 20-year lows

[Reuters] Weakness at home hobbles once-powerful Merkel in Europe

[FT] Five key questions ahead of Bank of Japan’s policy meeting

[FT] Cheap money points to more taper tantrums

[FT] Fed plays poker with tempestuous markets