Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Tuesday Evening Links

[Reuters] Wall Street jumps as China stimulus measures soothe virus worries

[Reuters] Treasuries - Yields rise as traders encouraged by China response to coronavirus

[CNBC] Coronavirus live updates: Death toll in China hits 490, as confirmed cases cross 24,000

[AP] China’s virus outbreak weighs on global business

[Reuters] Another day, another record: Tesla shares march toward $1,000

[CNBC] Tesla draws comparisons to past speculative bubbles: ‘Stock is going to get absolutely clobbered’

[Bloomberg] China Is About to Find Out Whether Its Mass Quarantine Worked

[Bloomberg] A $9 Billion Flip-Flop by ETF Traders Shows Unease Over Stocks

[NYT] U.S. Oil Industry Is Already Suffering From the Coronavirus

[WSJ] China Marshals Its Surveillance Powers Against Coronavirus

[FT] House price growth falters globally

Tuesday's News Links

[Reuters] Wall Street recovery continues on China stimulus measures

[Reuters] Global stocks, commodities firmer as virus fever abates

[Reuters] Chinese markets, yuan claw back some lost ground after virus-led wipeout

[Reuters] Oil prices rebound from China virus slump amid ginger recovery across markets

[Reuters] Exclusive: As virus fallout widens, China readies more measures to stabilize economy - sources

[Reuters] China c.bank to inject 500 bln yuan via reverse repos on Tuesday - traders

[AP] Clock is ticking for companies that depend on China imports

[Reuters] China state media urges investors not to panic over market slide on coronavirus outbreak

[CNBC] Coronavirus updates: Hong Kong reports first death as mainland China cases cross 20,000

[Reuters] China cbank says huge cash injections to stabilise market expectations, restore confidence

[Reuters] Taiwan calls China 'vile' for restricting island's access to WHO on coronavirus

[Reuters] Erdogan says Turkey will not allow Syrian government to advance in Idlib: CNN Turk

[Bloomberg] China Adds Market Support With More Cash, Strong Yuan Fix

[Bloomberg] Xi Jinping Warns Virus May Impact China’s Social Stability

[Bloomberg] Climate Models Are Running Red Hot, and Scientists Don’t Know Why

[NYT] $9 Cabbages, Emergency Pork: Coronavirus Tests China on Food

[WSJ] Chinese Lead Foreign Selling of U.S. Commercial Property

[WSJ] Coronavirus Outbreak a Major Test of China’s System, Says Xi Jinping

[WSJ] Home-Loan Banks May Soon Channel Funds to More Mortgage Players

[FT] Emerging markets set January record for foreign-currency debt

[FT] Global junk bond issuance hits monthly record

[FT] How the invisible hand of the state works in Chinese stocks