Monday, July 13, 2015

Tuesday's News Links

[Reuters] IMF calls for Greece debt relief as Germany talks tough

[Bloomberg] Too Much Debt + Too Little Cash = Most Distressed Pain Since ’08

[Bloomberg] Drop in U.S. Sales Dashes Optimism for Stronger Second Quarter

[Bloomberg] Retail Sales in U.S. Unexpectedly Fall on Broad-Based Retreat

[Reuters] Exclusive: Greece needs debt relief far beyond EU plans - Secret IMF report

[Reuters] Greek lawmakers split over bailout as vote looms

[Bloomberg] Greece Faces ECB Cliffhanger Monday as EU Engineers Bridge Funds

[UK Guardian] Greece crisis: Osborne seeks to block use of British-backed fund in bailout

[AP] The Latest: Germany says Greece needs 1st loan by next week

[Reuters] Some in German Government Preferred Temporary Grexit: Schaeuble

[WSJ] Greek Reforms Would Face Political, Legal Backlash in Germany

[Bloomberg] China’s Credit Expands in June as Stimulus Efforts Kick In

[Bloomberg] China Said to Consider Extra 1 Trillion Yuan Debt-Swap Quota

[WSJ] Hedge Funds Hit by China Markets Selloff

[FT] Investors in China not allowed to jump

[Reuters/Economic Times] China says state-owned firms riddled with corruption, nepotism 

[NYT] Puerto Rico Faces Its Creditors in Early Debt Resolution Talks

[Bloomberg] Inflation Is Hitting Japanese Households Hard

[CNBC] Marc Faber: The biggest threat to our global economy

Monday Evening Links

[Bloomberg] Greek Bailout Rests on Asset Sale Plan That’s Already Failed

[Reuters] U.S. companies expected to report worst sales fall in nearly six years

[Bloomberg] Puerto Rico Says Too Soon to Say How Bondholders Will Fare

[Bloomberg] China May Tip World Into Recession, Morgan Stanley’s Sharma Says

[NYT] Hedge Funds Reassess China After Market Free Fall

[Reuters] Insight-Stock market rout another blow to fading "Chinese Dream"

[NYT] Greece’s Banks Are Next in Line for a European Bailout

[UK Guardian] Measured, sober and sceptical: Germany reacts to Greece deal

[Reuters] U.S. considers training Ukrainian army troops: general

[VOA] Ukraine Nationalists: Country Headed for Coup