Saturday, February 3, 2024

Sunday's News Links

[Reuters] Yemen's Houthis vow response after US, British strikes

[AP] US, Britain strike Yemen’s Houthis in a new wave, retaliating for attacks by Iran-backed militants

[AP] After new US strikes hit Yemen, Iran issues a warning about suspected spy ships in the Mideast

[CNN] An intense atmospheric river moves into California, threatening to flood roads and trigger mudslides

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Stock Market’s ‘Rah-Rah Mob’ Confronts February’s Weak Record

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China to prevent abnormal market fluctuations, CSRC Says

[WSJ] Burritos and Big Macs to Cost More in California as Pay Rises

[WSJ] Week of Whipsawing Treasurys Casts Doubt on Soft-Landing Trade

[FT] Why central banks are reluctant to declare victory over inflation

[FT] Bank of Japan grows more confident about imminent exit from negative rates

[FT] Eurozone governments rush to sell bonds to tap investor demand

Saturday's News Links

[Reuters] U.S. launches strikes in Iraq, Syria, nearly 40 reported killed 

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] US Hits Iran’s Militias in Syria, Iraq, Raising Escalation Fears

[Yahoo/Fortune] Why is rent still so high, a year after experts told us it was going to fall?

[Reuters] Ukraine hits Russia's Volgograd oil refinery in latest drone attack- source

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] As Navies Focus on Red Sea Houthis, There Are Worrying Signs Somali Pirates Are Making a Comeback

[Bloomberg] Fed’s Bowman Says It’s Still Too Soon to Consider Lowering Rates

[Bloomberg] Fed’s Goolsbee Says He Wants to See More Inflation Progress

[NYT] Anxiety, Mood Swings and Sleepless Nights: Life Near a Bitcoin Mine

[FT] Iran and Iraq warn US air strikes risk stoking instability

[FT] ‘Uninvestable’: China’s $2tn stock rout leaves investors scarred