Sunday, March 12, 2023

Monday's News Links

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Treasuries Surge as Traders Recalibrate Rate Bets: Markets Wrap

[Reuters] Bank stocks plunge resumes as SVB market turmoil continues

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Treasury Two-Year Yields Drop Half a Point as Fed Bets Slashed

[Reuters] Dollar slides as U.S. intervenes on SVB collapse

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Gold Keeps Rising as SVB Fallout Spurs Rush to the Haven Asset

[Reuters] First Republic slumps as additional financing fails to soothe deposit outflow fears

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Treasuries Gain From Asian Open as SVB Damps Hawkish Fed Bets

[AP] US government moves to stop potential banking crisis

[Reuters] Factbox: Key elements of Fed's new US bank funding program

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] US Backstops Bank Deposits to Avert Crisis After SVB Collapse

[Reuters] U.S. Treasury says Silicon Valley Bank, Signature Bank 'not being bailed out'

[Reuters] Experts flag moral hazard risk as U.S. intervenes in SVB crisis

[Reuters] Silicon Valley exhales after US intervenes in SVB collapse

[Reuters] Goldman analysts no longer expect Fed rate hike in March after SVB failure

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Fed’s New Backstop Shields Banks From $300 Billion of Losses

[Reuters] Xi could visit Russia next week, sources say, as Bakhmut battle rages

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] PBOC to Continue With Liquidity Help as Yi Stays On as Governor

[Reuters] China's new premier seeks to reassure private sector

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China Could Control a Third of The World’s Lithium by 2025

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] ECB to Gather Amid Growing Dissonance Over Rate Trajectory

[AP] US-S Korea drills begin after N Korea submarine missile test

[Reuters] Taiwan says defence spending to focus on readying for 'total blockade' by China

[Bloomberg] Credit Suisse Default Swaps Hit Record as SVB Failure Hits Banks

[Bloomberg] Xi Urges Focus on China’s Stability at Start of Third Term

[NYT] Investors Fear Bank Contagion, Despite a Sweeping Rescue Plan

[NYT] Risky Bet on Crypto and a Run on Deposits Tank Signature Bank

[WSJ] First Republic Gets Additional Funding From Fed, JPMorgan

[WSJ] Silicon Valley Firms Expect Changes in Financial Methods After SVB Disaster

[FT] Xi Jinping vows to make Chinese military ‘great wall of steel’ as tensions rise with west

Sunday Evening Links

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] US Futures Rise, Dollar Falls as Traders Weigh SVB: Markets Wrap

[Yahoo Finance] U.S. government guarantees all Silicon Valley Bank deposits, money available Monday

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] US Plans Emergency Measures to Backstop Banks After SVB

[Reuters] World markets set for aftershocks as SVB collapse ripples out 

[Reuters] Exclusive: PNC, RBC interest in SVB cools as regulators seek rescue bids

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Shadow Lenders Enter SVB Fray as Trapped Clients Seek Lifelines

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Liquidity Group Plans $3 Billion Emergency Loans to Aid Start-Ups Hit by SVB

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Markets at Risk of More Upheaval as Banking Uncertainty Persists

[Reuters] SVB UK holds $3 billion of venture capital-backed firms' funds, survey shows

[FT] Fed announces emergency lending facility to shore up US banks