Monday, October 5, 2015

Tuesday's News Links

[Bloomberg] IMF Cuts Global Outlook as Commodity Slump Hits Emerging Markets

[Reuters] U.S. trade deficit widens as exports sag, imports from China surge

[FT] IMF warns on worst global growth since financial crisis

[Bloomberg] It Looks Like Free Money Is Available in the Credit Market

[Bloomberg] There's Lots of Liquidity in Treasuries, Except When Needed Most

[Bloomberg] German Factory Orders Unexpectedly Fall Amid Economic Risks

[Bloomberg] Goldman Sachs Says Fed May Delay Rate Increase Well Into 2016

[Bloomberg] Russia Shuns No-Fly Zone for Syria as Clerics Urge Reprisals

[NYT] Russian Soldiers to Join Fight in Syria

[CNN] NATO cites Russian ground troops in Syria, 2nd violation of Turkey's airspace

[Reuters] U.S. warns against 'egregious' restrictions in contested South China Seas

Monday Evening News Links

[Bloomberg Video] Marc Faber: We Have Colossal Asset Inflation

[Bloomberg] Paul Tudor Jones Sees Choppier Markets as Fed Shifts Focus

[Bloomberg] Puerto Rico Willingness to Pay Test Coming Sooner Than Expected

[NYT] In Ben Bernanke’s Memoir, a Candid Look at Lehman Brothers’ Collapse

[Reuters] NATO denounces Russian incursion into Turkish airspace

[WSJ] U.S. Concludes Russia Targeting CIA-Backed Rebels in Syria

Monday's News Links

[Bloomberg] Norway's PM Warns Currency Instability Is a Threat to Economy

[Bloomberg] Stocks, Copper, Emerging Markets Jump as Fed Delay on Rates Seen

[Bloomberg] Glencore Follows Hong Kong Rally With Jump in London Trading

[Bloomberg] Emerging Market ETF Outflows Double as Losses Hit $12.4 Billion

[FT] EM at the mercy of shifting money flows

[Bloomberg] China Weighs on Developing East Asia as World Bank Cuts Outlooks

[NYT] Policy Makers Skeptical on Preventing Financial Crisis

[Bloomberg] Deutsche Bank Asks if the Corporate Default Cycle Has Started

[Bloomberg] Hedge Funds Wary of Shorting Euro, Yen as Currencies Defy QE

[WSJ, Bernanke] How the Fed Saved the Economy

[NYT] Kremlin Says Russian ‘Volunteer’ Forces Will Fight in Syria

[Reuters] Russia escalating Syria war by targeting moderate opposition: U.S.

[Bloomberg] Turkey Says Unidentified MiGs Harassed Its Jets on Border