Sunday, May 21, 2023

Monday's News Links

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Traders on Alert as Debt-Limit Deadline Draws Near: Markets Wrap

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Oil Steady as Markets Remain on Edge Over US Debt Cliffhanger

[AP] Biden, McCarthy to hold pivotal meeting on debt ceiling as time to resolve standoff grows short

[AP] Debt ceiling explained: Why it’s a struggle in Washington and how the impasse could end

[Reuters] Could Biden use the 14th Amendment to raise the debt ceiling?

[Reuters] How Wall Street is preparing for possible US debt default

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Fed’s Kashkari Says a June Rate Pause or Hike Is a ‘Close Call’

[Reuters] Economists push back expected Fed rate cut to 2024, NABE poll shows

[Reuters] Analysis: Private equity steps up lending as US banks pull back

[Reuters] Kansas farmers abandon wheat fields after extreme drought

[Reuters] Analysis: China's Micron ban highlights chipmakers' dilemma as Sino-U.S. tensions grow

[Reuters] China holds lending rates steady; market sees reserve ratio cut as next move

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China Blasts US ‘Sincerity’ as Biden Calls for More Talks

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Goldman Sees Little Respite for Yuan Despite PBOC Pushback

[WSJ] Biden, McCarthy Try to Get Debt-Ceiling Deal Done

[WSJ] Bank Runs Trash Long-Held Assumption on Deposits

[WSJ] Top Property Owners Are Creditworthy—They Might Default Anyway

[WSJ] Chinese Speech Fears Skyrocket After Military Attack on Comedian

[FT] Flaring tensions over G7 and Micron show limits to US-China reset

Sunday Evening Links

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Stock Futures Decline, Currencies in Tight Ranges: Markets Wrap 

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Oil Steadies After Loss as US Debt Talks Take Center Stage

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Traders Brace for Volatility With US Debt Deal Still Elusive

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Biden, McCarthy to Meet Monday as Staff Debt-Limit Talks Resume

[Reuters] Yellen says June 1 is 'hard deadline' for raising debt ceiling

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Goldman Says Treasury Will Drop Under Its Cash Minimum June 8-9

[Reuters] China fails Micron's products in security review, bars some purchases

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China tells tech manufacturers to stop using Micron chips, stepping up feud with United States

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China’s $23 Trillion Local Debt Mess Is About to Get Worse

[Reuters] Ukraine aims to encircle Bakhmut as Russia says it captures city

[WSJ] One of China’s Poorest Provinces Faces Imminent Debt Problem

[WSJ] China’s Xi Mimics Mao’s Crisis Response in Sweeping Indoctrination Drive