Thursday, September 17, 2015

Friday's News Links

[Reuters] Central banks fret stimulus efforts are falling short

[Bloomberg] U.S. Stocks Tumble, Bonds Rally as Fed Raises Growth Doubts

[Bloomberg] European Stocks Fall With Carmakers as Fed Inaction Boosts Euro

[Bloomberg] China Stocks Cap Biggest Weekly Loss This Month as Volumes Slump

[Bloomberg] VIX Goes in Circles as Selling Volatility Hits Wall After Fed

[Bloomberg] Brazil Meltdown Dims Outlook for Mexican Companies Like Slim's

[WSJ] Fed’s Decision Could Pressure European Central Bank to Step Up Stimulus Efforts

[Reuters] Fed's focus on China unnerves some investors

[Bloomberg] It's Party On in Credit Markets as Fed Stays at Zero for Longer

[Bloomberg] JPMorgan's Dimon Says Violent Moves in Treasuries Are Possible

[Reuters] China orders banks to tighten supervision of clients' FX deals - sources

[Bloomberg] China Home-Price Growth Widens to More Cities Amid Rate Cuts

[Reuters] How China decided to redraw the global financial map

[Bloomberg] Mr. Yen Says the Era of a Weak Yen May Be Over

[Bloomberg] One Sign That Manhattan's Super-Luxury Condo Market Is Over

[Reuters] Latam less prepared for external shocks than in 2008 -IMF

[Bloomberg] Debt-Strapped Japan Planning a No-Frills Olympics

[Reuters] U.S. commander backs challenging China over disputed islands

[Bloomberg] Russia Raises Prospect of Sending Troops Into Combat in Syria

[Reuters] China 'extremely concerned' by proposed U.S. challenge to claims

Thursday Evening Links

[Bloomberg] Most Asian Stocks Fall as Fed Holds Rates; Japanese Shares Slide

[Bloomberg] Yellen's Decision to Delay Fed Liftoff Points to Global Risks

[Bloomberg] Dollar Falls Most Since August Meltdown as Fed Keeps Zero Rate

[Bloomberg] Treasury Notes Gain Most in 6 Months as Fed Seen `Ultra-Dovish'

[Reuters] Brazil opposition seeks Rousseff impeachment for fiscal crimes

[NYT] Fed’s Hesitance, Not Its Decision, Surprises Economists

[Reuters] Fed decision unlikely to calm markets, fund managers say

[NYT, Irwin] Why Yellen Blinked on Interest Rates

[WSJ, Hilsenrath] Fed Leaves Interest Rates Unchanged