Thursday, January 20, 2022

Friday's News Links

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Stocks Drop, Bonds Up as Nerves Fray: Markets Wrap 

[Reuters] Chinese shares fall as weakness in tech, healthcare stocks weigh

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Oil’s Red-Hot Rally Cools After Surge to Highest Since 2014

[CNBC] Cryptocurrencies tumble, with bitcoin falling 7% and ether down 8% in the last 24 hours

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Crypto Selloff Pushes Bitcoin to a Six-Month Low of $38,000

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Global Bond Drop Reverses Amid Tech Selloff, Russia Tensions

[Reuters] Global bond funds see higher outflows on rates outlook

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Fed Seen Signaling March Rate Rise and Assets Runoff Soon After

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] PBOC’s Pledge to Open Tool Box Puts Focus on Less-Known Options

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China Urges Banks to Boost Lending After Slow Start to 2022

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] One of China’s Busiest Ports Jammed by Covid, Global Ship Delays

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Bondholder Identification Process Kicks Off: Evergrande Update

[Reuters] China Evergrande's offshore debt, assets could be separated in restructuring - report

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Chinese Developer Sunac Suffers Downgrades on Funding Worries

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China’s Country Garden Sells $500 Million Convertible Bond

[Reuters] Ant Group is connected to former Hangzhou party secretary's corruption case - FT

[Reuters] China's local COVID cases fall while infections grow in Beijing city

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Debt-Strapped Canadians Brace for a Risky Rate-Hiking Cycle

[Reuters] Exclusive: U.S. seeks way to speed delivery of new fighter jets to Taiwan

[AP] US and Russia try to lower temperature in Ukraine crisis

[Reuters] Ukraine says Russia recruiting mercenaries, sending weapons to eastern Ukraine

[Reuters] Hong Kong warns people to stop trying to prevent COVID hamster cull

[WSJ] ‘Farms Are Failing’ as Fertilizer Prices Drive Up Cost of Food

[WSJ] The SPAC Ship is Sinking. Investors Want Their Money Back.

[WSJ] EV Makers’ Next Headache: Scarce Battery Chemicals, Made in China

[FT] Australia turns to backpackers as Omicron devastates workforce

[FT] Russia wants Nato forces out of ex-Warsaw Pact states, says Lavrov

[FT] Russia raises pressure by sending more troops to Ukraine border

Thursday Evening Links

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Tech-Led U.S. Stock Reversal to Pressure Asia Open: Markets Wrap

[Reuters] Wall Street rally fizzles as Fed tightening fears spook investors

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Oil Eases Off 2014 High With Modest U.S. Crude Supply Increase

[Reuters] Fed kicks off debate on issuing its own digital currency with new white paper

[AP] US home sales fall with available properties at a record low

[Reuters] Five ways the U.S. housing market stood apart in 2021

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Blazing Hot Leveraged-Loan Market Tops Record, Nears Another

[Reuters] JPMorgan board lifts CEO Dimon's pay to $34.5 million

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] U.S. Power Grids Need Stronger Cybersecurity, Top Regulator Says

[AP] Russia announces sweeping naval drills amid Ukraine tensions

[Reuters] Russia to hold major navy drills involving all its fleets

Thursday Afternoon Links

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Stock Selloff Sends Nasdaq 100 Toward Correction: Markets Wrap

[CNBC] December home sales drop 4.6%, as supply hits record low

[MNS/WP] Workers are out sick in record numbers, exacerbating labor shortage woes

[CBS] A record 9 million Americans are out sick as COVID rates surge

[CNBC] Record IPO rush of 2021 led to historically dismal returns for investors with no relief in sight

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Incoming bank cop at the Fed expected to bring a 'hawkish' touch to Wall Street

[NPR] A push to ban members of Congress from trading individual stocks gains momentum

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Homebuilder Stocks Stare Down Rising Rates After Blazing Run

[AP] Russia announces sweeping naval drills amid Ukraine tensions

[Bloomberg] U.S. Commercial-Property Deals Hit a Record High Last Year

[NYT] Can Omicron Cause Long Covid?

[WSJ] U.S. Existing-Home Sales Reached a 15-Year High of 6.1 Million Last Year

[WSJ] On Wall Street, Bonuses Are Up but the Mood Is Not

[WSJ] Putin Loves to Roll the Dice. Ukraine Is His Biggest Gamble Yet.