Sunday, February 15, 2015

Sunday Evening Links

[Bloomberg] Japan Hobbles Out of Recession With Growth Below Estimates

[Bloomberg] Yen Gains Third Day as Economic Rebound to Keep BOJ on Sidelines

[Reuters] Greece, confident as EU meeting looms, sticks to no-austerity pledge

[Bloomberg] Greek Postwar Alliances Show Europe Has More to Lose Than Money

[Bloomberg] Greek Euro Exit Risk Signals ECB’s QE Safeguards Wanting

[LA Times] With port talks gridlocked, White House move ramps up pressure for a deal

[Reuters] Japan's economy emerges from recession, growth weaker than forecast

[Bloomberg] Turkey’s Lira Keeps Calm in Descent to Records: Chart of the Day

[Bloomberg] Putin Fearing Russian Subservience to China Casts Wider Asia Net

[Washington Post] Houthi rebels in Yemen eye oil-rich province, sparking fears of all-out civil war

Sunday's News Links

[Reuters] Merkel's conservatives suffer blow in state vote, eurosceptics gain

[Reuters] Greece confident ahead of EU meeting, but sticking to its no-austerity guns

[Reuters] ECB has track record with funding stick it holds over Greece

[Bloomberg] Greece Extends Talks With Creditors on Eve of Eurogroup Meeting

[Reuters] Ukraine rebels disavow ceasefire at encircled town

[Der Spiegel] The War Next Door: Can Merkel's Diplomacy Save Europe?

[Reuters] Greece, EU see need for 'national reform plan' to fix economy

[Reuters] Eyes of the world on Greece

[Reuters] Greeks brim with pride as country totters on the edge

[Reuters] Geopolitics versus politics in Greek debt drama

[Reuters] China's capital flows to remain volatile in 2015: forex regulator

[Bloomberg] Bank of England's Weale: rates to rise sooner than markets think

[Bloomberg] Online Bank Robbers Steal as Much as $1 Billion, Says Kaspersky

[FT] Nigeria unravelled

[FT, Ferguson] The meaning of the Minsk agreement