Monday, July 24, 2017

Monday Evening Links

[Bloomberg] Tech Shares Rise as Dollar Stabilizes, Oil Gains: Markets Wrap

[Bloomberg] Investors Shy Away From T-Bill Auction With Debt Ceiling Looming

[CNBC] Echoes of 1994 bond meltdown stoke market's Fed fear

[FT] Fed likely to signal it is on course for tighter monetary policy

[FT] Wall St banks’ borrowing premium hits lowest since financial crisis

[FT] Weak global inflation is a mystery investors must unlock

[WSJ] China Prepares for a Crisis Along North Korea Border

Monday's News Links

[Bloomberg] U.S. Stocks Fluctuate as Dollar Weakens, Oil Gains: Markets Wrap

[Bloomberg] Oil Rises as Saudi Arabia Pledges Deep Cut to August Exports

[Reuters] Federal Reserve now faces prospect of global monetary policy tightening

[Bloomberg] Draghi's Master Plan Keeps Summer Rates Volatility Suppressed

[CNBC] Market movers this week: Get ready for the Fed, housing reports and earnings

[Reuters] China's debt specter could haunt Fed's policy meetings

[Bloomberg] Traders Fear Hard Landing in Emerging Markets

[Bloomberg] Banks That Funded HNA's $40 Billion Spending Spree Halt New Loans

[Reuters] After $50 billion deal spree, China's HNA sets out to clear ownership questions

[NYT] U.S. Inflation Remains Low, and That’s a Problem

[NYT] In China, Herd of ‘Gray Rhinos’ Threatens Economy

[FT] Two top Wall Street chiefs celebrate $314m share bonanza

[FT] Have they really fixed financial instability?

[FT] Bond funds attract $355bn in first five months of 2017

[FT] Bond bubble brews as central banks retreat from QE