Sunday, December 3, 2017

Monday's News Links

[Bloomberg] Tech Slides as Tax Plan Buoys Dow, S&P 500, Dollar: Markets Wrap

[Politico] Congress faces frantic week with possible shutdown, taxes, Russia

[Bloomberg] Congress Talks Tax Deal as Trump Signals Corporate Rate Retreat

[Bloomberg] What We Know About Corporate Winners and Losers in U.S. Tax Bill

[Reuters] Fed rate hike expected next week, three hikes expected in 2018: Reuters poll

[Reuters] Hidden peril awaits China's banks as property binge fuels mortgage fraud frenzy

[NikkeiAR] BOJ's trim of bond purchases hints at 'stealth tapering'

[Bloomberg] Citi Stays Bullish on Commodities While Warning of Risk in China

[Bloomberg] BlackRock and Vanguard Are Less Than a Decade Away From Managing $20 Trillion

[WSJ] Tax Overhaul Marked by Blinding Speed

[WSJ] Why Central Banks Continue to Put Asset Prices Out of Whack

[WSJ] Passage of Senate Tax Bill Puts R&D Tax Credit in Doubt

[FT] Debt redemption wave of $1tn looms in 2018

Sunday Evening Links

[Reuters] Dollar, stock futures gain on U.S. tax cut progress

[Bloomberg] Asian Banks See Funding Costs Rise, Making for Challenging 2018

[CNBC] Tax reform could hit certain states harder than others

[Reuters] South Korea, U.S. kick off largest air exercise amid North Korean warnings

[WSJ] Overseas Investors (Finally) Join the U.S. Stock-Market Party

Sunday's News Links

[Reuters] Greece, lenders reach deal on reforms under bailout review

[Reuters] Turkey's Erdogan says businessmen moving assets abroad are 'traitors'

[FT] Big six US banks add $170bn to trading firepower