Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Wednesday's News Links

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Stocks Steady After Powell-Shock Selloff: Markets Wrap

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China Bears Brunt of Asia Tech Selloff After Hawkish Powell Talk

[Reuters] Powell's warning on higher U.S. rates pushes dollar to 3-mth high

[Reuters] U.S. private payrolls increase in February -ADP

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] US Mortgage Rates Increase for a Fourth-Straight Week

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Global Investors Contemplate Fallout From US Rates Reaching 6%

[Reuters] Explainer: U.S. yield curve reaches deepest inversion since 1981: What is it telling us?

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Traders Burned by Stock Losses Are Pouring Billions Into Credit

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] What China’s Powerful Financial Regulator Means for PBOC

[Reuters] China's Jan-Feb passenger cars sales down 20% - CPCA

[Reuters] Japan runs record current account deficit in January

[Reuters] Japan's workers eye bumper pay hike in closely watched union talks

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] ECB Rate-Hike Spat Ramps Up as Visco Slams Hawkish Colleagues

[Reuters] India's oil deals with Russia dent decades-old dollar dominance

[Reuters] China 'seriously concerned' by Taiwan president 'transit' plans amid reported US trip

[Reuters] Studying Ukraine war, China's military minds fret over US missiles, Starlink

[WSJ] U.S. Shale Boom Shows Signs of Peaking as Big Oil Wells Disappear

[WSJ] U.S., China Plunge Further Into a Spiral of Hostility

[FT] What does Xi Jinping’s tighter regulatory grip on China mean for business?

[FT] Swiss banks say rich Chinese clients worried about sanction prospects

Tuesday Evening Links

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Wall Street Recession Fear Returns on Powell Jolt: Markets Wrap

[Reuters] Oil falls by $3/bbl as investors brace for steeper US rate hikes

[AP] Powell signals increased rate hikes if economy stays strong

[Yahoo Finance] Fed's Powell pressed on banking, climate, crypto regulations during Senate testimony

[Yahoo Finance] Housing confidence craters once more as mortgage rates spike

[AP] US economy sending mixed signals: Here’s what it all means

[CNBC] Used vehicle prices rising at an unseasonably strong rate

[Reuters] French nationwide strike to extend as pension reform fight intensifies

[Bloomberg] Pentagon’s Budget Will Seek Big Increases for Weapons Buying and R&D

[NYT] Fed Chair Opens Door to Faster Rate Moves and a Higher Peak

[NYT] China’s Leader, With Rare Bluntness, Blames U.S. Containment for Troubles

[WSJ] U.S., China Plunge Further Into a Spiral of Hostilities

Tuesday Afternoon Links

[Reuters] S&P 500, Dow fall 1% as Powell flags sharper rate hikes

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Stocks Hit as Powell’s Wake-Up Call Roils Trading: Markets Wrap

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Oil’s Decline Deepens as Hawkish Powell Adds to Demand Doubts

[Reuters] Hawkish Powell puts 50 bp Fed rate hikes back on table

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Powell Sees Higher Peak for Interest Rates, Says Fed Prepared to Speed Up If Needed

[Reuters] U.S. companies and their backers seize on window to sell stock

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Morgan Stanley’s Wilson Sees 20% Downside for Tech

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Irish Property Market Shows New Stress When Fund Blocks Withdrawals

[Reuters] France reports bird flu in foxes near Paris, WOAH says

[WSJ] China Shakes Up Government as Xi Asserts More Control Over Policy

[FT] Jay Powell warns Fed is prepared to return to bigger interest rate rises