Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Wednesday's News Links

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Stocks Fall as Nasdaq Selloff Hits 10% From High: Markets Wrap

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Gold Gains as U.S. Dollar Weakens, Bond Yields Climb

[Reuters] Oil highest since 2014 as Turkey outage adds to tight supply outlook

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China Property Bond Crash Morphs Into Epic Rally on Easing Bets

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Treasury 10-Year at 2% Looks a ‘Done Deal’ on March Fed Bets

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Key Iraq-Turkey Oil Pipeline Knocked Out By Explosion

[CNBC] Mortgage rates jump again, causing headaches for homebuyers

[CNBC] After years of 5G hype and investment, Wednesday’s network launch makes it real

[Yahoo Finance] Why 5G fight has no quick fix for AT&T, Verizon as aviation jitters grow

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Goldman Sachs Joins Bank Bond Binge With Six-Part Offering

[CBC] Canada's inflation rate rises to new 30-year high of 4.8%

[Reuters] UK inflation hits near 30-year high, pressuring BoE and households

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] U.K. Suffers Double-Digit Inflation for More Than 10% of Items

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Chinese Borrowing Costs Set to Drop Again as PBOC Signals Easing

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China Considers Major Step to Ease Developer Cash Crunch

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Developers Soar on China’s Easing Proposals: Evergrande Update

[Reuters] Exclusive: China drafts rules to ease property developers' cash crunch

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] ECB Would Act If Inflation More Persistent, Villeroy Says

[Reuters] Blinken says Russian attack on Ukraine could come at very short notice

[Bloomberg] U.S. Housing Starts Rise Unexpectedly on Multifamily Building

[Bloomberg] Beijing Covid Flareup Worsens with New Clusters at Cold Storage

[Bloomberg] Hamsters, Wings, Shrimp Ensnared by China’s Covid Zero Zeal

[FT] Profound risks lurk despite strength of economic rebound

[FT] Central banks must reduce their balance sheets more aggressively

[FT] China’s high-tech rise sharpens rivalry with the US

Tuesday Evening Links

[Reuters] Wall St sinks as yields spike, financials fall after Goldman miss

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Stock Selloff Deepens as Treasury Yields Climb: Markets Wrap

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Nasdaq Composite Slumps Toward Correction After Two Months Without Record

[Reuters] U.S. home builder sentiment dips; New York state factory activity plummets

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Texas Power Grid Braces for Freeze That Imperils Fuel Supply

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Wall Street’s ‘Model Portfolio’ Boom Gets Slammed in New Paper

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Xi Jinping’s Covid Defense Gets Weaker With Every Omicron Case

[AP] Russia moves more troops westward amid Ukraine tensions

Tuesday Afternoon Links

[Reuters] Jump in Treasury yields slams equity markets, notably tech

[Reuters] Oil hit 7-year highs as tight supply bites

[AP] US faces wave of omicron deaths in coming weeks, models say

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Goldman Shares Tumble as Trading Slides, Compensation Soars

[Yahoo Finance] Goldman Sachs CEO: Wage inflation happening 'in every area of the economy'

[GT/WP] 10 housing market records broken in 2021

[Bloomberg] El-Erian: When Will Monetary Tightening Hit Financial Conditions?

[Bloomberg] Available Homes Shrink More Than 30% in Hottest Housing Markets

[FT] US Treasuries sell off as markets price in four Fed rate rises this year