Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Tuesday Evening Links

[Bloomberg] U.S. Dot-Com Bubble Was Nothing Compared to Today’s China Prices

[NYT] As Greece Battles a Debt Crisis, Its Banks Issue More Short-Term Debt

[UK Guardian] Red Cross warns of ‘catastrophic’ situation as Yemeni war engulfs Aden

[Bloomberg] U.S. Failure to Stop China Bank Unmasks Fight Over World Finance

[Bloomberg] The Great American Invasion Into Europe’s Debt Market Has Begun

[Reuters] U.S. expedites arms shipments to coalition bombing Yemen

Tuesday's News Links

[Reuters] U.S. job openings at 14-year high in February

[Bloomberg] The U.S. Job Market Is Losing Its Dynamism

[Bloomberg] Leveraged-Loan Sales Slump to Worst Since 2010 on Fed Scrutiny

[Bloomberg] Cheap Oil Is Squeezing Property Owners in Energy Hubs

[Bloomberg] Cloud Live Spooks Chinese Junk Bonds Amid Second Onshore Default

[Bloomberg] Lira Descent Risks Turkish Growth as $89 Billion Debt Bill Looms

[Bloomberg] Modi Promise Succumbs to Earnings Reality as Stocks Slide

[Bloomberg] ECB Meets Purchase Target in First Month of Quantitative Easing

[Bloomberg] Gold Bust Means Less Mine Spending

[NYT] In Republican Attacks on the Fed, Experts See a Shift

[WSJ] U.S. Defense Chief Heads East, Talking Tough on China

[LA Times] How a plan to ration water in Southern California will work

[Reuters] France to challenge 2016-17 EU structural budget targets

[Reuters] Greek parliament backs setting up committee to investigate bailout

[NYT] Waving Cash, Putin Sows E.U. Divisions in an Effort to Break Sanctions

[OC Register] Life after Pimco: Mohamed El-Erian on economics, politics and his hope for a 'Sputnik moment'