Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Thursday's News Links

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Wall Street Shrugs Off Hot Data; Euro Drops on ECB: Markets Wrap

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Oil Trades Near 10-Month High as Major Forecasters See Scarcity

[CNBC] European Central Bank hikes rates to record level as inflation risks outweigh economic gloom

[CNBC] August wholesale inflation rises 0.7%, hotter than expected

[Yahoo Finance] August retail sales pick up steam as consumers keep spending

[Dow Jones] Jobless Claims Increased Slightly Last Week, Remained Near Historic Lows

[Reuters] Detroit Three strike deadline nears as sides remain far apart

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Zero-Day Options Boom Is Spilling Into $7.4 Trillion ETF Market

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] The Bond Market Has Never Sounded Recession Alarms for This Long

[CNBC] Manhattan median rent remains at record high of nearly $4,400 a month

[Reuters] ECB raises rate to record high and signals end of hikes

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Euro Junk Bond Market Suffers First Pulled Deal in Nearly a Year

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China Cuts Bank Reserve Requirements to Aid Fiscal Stimulus

[Reuters] China asks big banks to stagger and adjust dollar purchases, sources say

[Reuters] 'Seeing is believing': Country Garden's Malaysia project in spotlight

[CNBC] What is shadow banking? Unpacking the risks for China

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Surging Rice Prices Batter Bonds in Major Importer Philippine

[Reuters] Russia-North Korea summit: "Comrades" Putin and Kim send rivals a warning

[Reuters] Putin and North Korea's Kim discuss military matters, Ukraine war and satellites

[NYT] U.A.W. Prepares for Limited Strike Against Detroit Automakers on Friday

[WSJ] Betting Inflation Will Keep Falling Is Still a Risky Business

[WSJ] Fuel Prices Are Soaring. Who Is Feeling the Pinch?

[FT] Resurgent US consumer prices point to ‘choppy’ path for inflation

[FT] Private capital sector too complacent about risks, says global regulatory body

[FT] Chinese banks shun Beijing’s flagship property bailout fund

[FT] ‘Everything is tired here’: gloom spreads through German manufacturing

Wednesday Evening Links

[Reuters] S&P 500 ends higher as CPI data cements bets for Fed pause

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Property Brokers Slump With High Borrowing Costs Weighing on Deals

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Emerging Markets Boosted by Interventions as Rate Fears Grow

[Reuters] US posts August budget surplus after student loan cost reversal

[Reuters] Fed economists sound alarm on hedge funds gaming US Treasuries

[Yahoo Finance] What an autoworkers strike could mean for the US economy

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Diesel Supply Strains Deepen While Trucking Demand Recovers in US

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Summers Warns Soft Landing Chances Only 1-in-3, Stocks at Risk

[Reuters] IMF says global debt fell as share of GDP in 2022, may resume rising trend

[Reuters] Argentine inflation hits 124% as cost-of-living crisis spreads

[WSJ] Costlier Fuel and Labor Cut Into Corporate Profit

[FT] Putin and Kim’s ominous marriage of convenience

Wednesday Afternoon Links

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Wall Street Yawns at ‘Not Great, No Disaster’ CPI: Markets Wrap

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Oil Hovers at Yearly Highs as IEA Adds to Tight Market Outlooks

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China Sows Fresh Confusion About Apple With Security Remarks

[Reuters] Western firms shift investment from China to India as worries mount