Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Wednesday's News Links

[Bloomberg] Yellen Signals Fed Rate Path Hinges on Whether Turmoil Persists

[Bloomberg] Yellen Says Legality of Negative U.S. Interest Rates in Question

[Bloomberg] Yen Advance Is So Strong It's Triggering Intervention Warnings

[Bloomberg] Asian Stocks Drop as Japan's Topix Slips Amid Global Volatility

[Reuters] Asia stocks drop as bank concerns smoulder, yen stands tall

[Bloomberg] Deutsche Bank’s Assurance Exposes Tip of CoCo Iceberg: Analysis

[Bloomberg] Credit Suisse Turns Bearish on U.S. Dollar Amid Fears of Monetary Policy Impotence

[Bloomberg] Brazil Analysts Forecast Faster Inflation and Deeper Recession

[Reuters] Europe’s top four economies suffer drop in output

[CNBC] US investors getting burned on Greek bank bets

[Bloomberg] How Do You Stop the Biggest Gas Leak Ever?

[Reuters] Exclusive: U.S. & India consider joint patrols in South China Sea - U.S. official

[Reuters] Turkey's Erdogan chastises U.S. over support for Syrian Kurds

Tuesday Evening Links

[Bloomberg] Oil Tumbles on Ample Supply With Volatility Near Seven-Year High

[Bloomberg] How the Bank Debt That Everyone Is Talking About Works: Q&A

[Bloomberg] Junk Energy-Bond Costs Soar as Crude Drags Global Economy Down

[Bloomberg] Mexico Peso Tumbles After Government Signals Spending Cuts Loom

[NYT] As Oil Prices Plummet, Mounting Debt Catches Up With U.S. Producers

[Reuters] Founding members say European Union is in bad shape