Sunday, July 17, 2022

Monday's News Links

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Stocks Climb as Dollar Dips: Markets Wrap

[Reuters] Stocks climb, euro inches higher in big week for markets

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Oil Advances Back Toward $100 With Markets in Risk-On Mode

[Reuters] Big U.S. banks see loan growth slowing as outlook for demand, economy darkens

[MSN/NYT] Heat Wave In Texas and Central Plains Could Be the Hottest Yet

[MSN/NYT] Climate Change Legislation Stalls Amid Growing Inflation Concerns

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China Adds Liquidity for First Time Since June as Risks Grow

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China Seeks to Stem Mortgage Boycott With Developer Loans

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China Weighs Mortgage Grace Period to Appease Angry Homebuyers

[Reuters] China steps up loan-support efforts to developers amid mortgage boycott

[Reuters] Shanghai enforces new COVID testing as some parts of China extend lockdown

[Reuters] Scorching heat expected to resume baking China this week

[Reuters] The hike is (almost) here! Now for what comes next: Five questions for the ECB

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Italy Enters Crunch Week With Draghi’s Government on Brink

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] The ECB’s New Bond Tool May Be Tested Sooner Than Expected

[MSN/NYT] Global Central Banks Ramp Up Inflation Fight

[Reuters] New Zealand's inflation hits 3-decade high, raising bets on sharper rate hikes

[MSN/WP] U.K. braces for record temperatures as ‘heat apocalypse’ hits Europe

[Bloomberg] China Risks Hard Landing of Housing Sector, Ex-Official Warns

[WSJ] Fed Officials Preparing to Lift Interest Rates by Another 0.75 Percentage Point

[WSJ] Diverging Jobs Data Raise Questions About Labor Market Health

[WSJ] Housing Boom Fades World-Wide as Interest Rates Climb

[FT] China braced for renewed lockdowns as Omicron subvariant spreads

Sunday Evening Links

[CNBC] Stock futures inch higher ahead of a busy week of earnings

[Reuters] Ukraine central bank has sold over $12 billion of its gold reserves during the war, its deputy head says

[Reuters] Russia's Medvedev: Attack on Crimea will ignite 'Judgement Day' response

[Reuters] China urges banks to extend loans for real estate projects amid mortgage boycott

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China Is Pariah for Global Investors as Xi’s Policies Backfire

[Bloomberg] This Could Be the Start of a Dollar ‘Doom Loop’ Like No Other

Sunday's News Links

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] World’s Rate Laggards at ECB and BOJ Take Center Stage: Eco Week

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Europe’s Impending Recession Leaves ECB in Deeper Policy Bind

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] IMF to Cut Global Growth Outlook ‘Substantially’ at Next Review

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Unstoppable Dollar Risks Worsening $71 Billion Asia Stock Exodus

[Reuters] Russia preparing for next stage of offensive, Ukraine says

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Ukraine Latest: Russia Ramps Up; Zelenskiy Recalls MH17 Downing

[Reuters] China's monetary policy has ample room to meet challenges - state media

[Reuters] France, Spain, Portugal battle wildfires amid intense heat

[Reuters] Ukraine war shows West's dominance is ending as China rises, Blair says

[Bloomberg] Supply Chains Inching Back to Normal Brace for Headwinds of Softer Demand

[WSJ] Economic War of Attrition Takes Toll on Russia, West

[WSJ] Inflation Has Outpaced Wage Growth. Now It’s Cutting Into Spending.

[WSJ] Many Investors Are Fleeing the Stock Market, but Some Are Doubling Down: ‘If I Lose $15,000, I’m Not Going to Die’

[WSJ] Strong Dollar Extends Gains With No End to Rally in Sight

[FT] Will the ECB unveil its new ‘anti-fragmentation’ tool?

[FT] China growth hopes rest on troubled local government financing vehicles

[FT] Central banks embrace big rises to bolster currencies and fight inflation