Friday, January 25, 2019

Friday Evening Links

[CNBC] Dow gains for fifth straight week after deal reached to temporarily reopen government

[Reuters] U.S. Congress votes to end gov't shutdown; no Trump border wall money

[Reuters] U.S. intensifies anti-Maduro push as Russia backs Venezuelan ally

[WSJ] Pension Losses Could Hit Companies Like AT&T and Verizon Hard

[FT] Central banks do their best to mop investors’ brows

[FT] Diminishing returns: hedge funds look to keep it in the family

Friday's News Links

[Reuters] Global stocks gain on earnings, euro rebounds after dovish ECB

[CNBC] Gold up as dollar eases; global growth concerns lend support

[SCMP] China, US ‘less belligerent, more cordial’ as delegation heads to Washington before Liu He

[CNBC] The Fed may be moving closer to ending its rally-killing balance sheet reduction

[Reuters] China to step up economic stimulus in slowdown fight

[CNBC] China can no longer rely on real estate for growth. It’s now turning to railways and more debt

[CNBC] George Soros says the US and China are in a cold war that ‘threatens to turn into a hot one’

[Reuters] NATO, Russia fail to agree over missile breach, U.S. to quit treaty

[WSJ] Fed Officials Weigh Earlier-Than-Expected End to Bond Portfolio Runoff

[WSJ] Kudlow: White House Seeks Fed Nominees Who Understand Shift on Growth, Inflation

[WSJ] Dwindling ‘Debt Cushions’ Threaten Safety of Leveraged Loans

[FT] ECB warns eurozone at risk of further slowdown

[Bloomberg] A Key Driver of Home Sales in China Just Hit the Brakes

[Bloomberg] Singapore Is Seeing an Unprecedented Mortgage Slowdown