Monday, January 30, 2017

Monday EveningLinks

[Bloomberg] Asian Stocks to Drop on Trump Ban After Yen’s Gain: Market Wrap

[Bloomberg] Trump Rally Hits Speed Bump on Immigration Concern: Markets Wrap

[Bloomberg] There's a Huge Gap Between American Economic Hopes and Reality

[Bloomberg] European Debt Crisis Memories Rattle Markets, Defy Confidence

[Reuters] U.S. inflation getting Trump lift: Wall Street strategist

[NYT] Trump’s Trade War May Have Already Begun

[NYT] Court Orders Justice Dept. to Release Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Documents

[WSJ] Fear Picks Up as VIX Rises Most Since November

Monday Afternoon Links

[Reuters] U.S. stocks slump as Trump's travel ban triggers uncertainty

[Reuters] New euro zone loans to Greece hinge on IMF participation in bailout: ESM

[Reuters] Bond markets set for a taste of the 60s as inflation picks up

[Bloomberg] German Pride Shifts to Angst in Role as Europe’s Reflator

Monday's News Links

[Bloomberg] U.S. Stocks Fall Most in Month as Gold, Bonds Rise: Markets Wrap

[Bloomberg] Greek Markets Tumble as EU Holds Up Payment Amid IMF Doubts

[CNBC] German inflation and French election push up borrowing costs across Europe

[Bloomberg] U.S. Consumer Spending Rose in December by Most in Three Months

[Bloomberg] German Inflation at Highest Since 2013 Puts ECB in Spotlight

[Bloomberg] Euro-Area Economic Confidence Hits Highest Level Since 2011

[Bloomberg] Trump Era May Mean Fireworks on Fed Days Despite Better Guidance

[NYT] Howls Over Import Tax Complicate Plans to Overhaul Code

[Washington Post] Trump’s First 100 Days: Trump’s move on immigration leads to chaos at airports

[WSJ] Germany’s Rising Inflation May Boost Calls to Halt ECB Stimulus

[FT] Asia borrowing binge hits record high in January

[Reuters] Ukraine says more soldiers killed in deadliest clashes in weeks