Friday, August 11, 2017

Friday Evening Links

[Bloomberg] Signs of Junk Seepage in Biggest Weekly S&P 500 Drop Since March

[Bloomberg] Gold Surges to Highest Since Early June on Tame U.S. Inflation

[Bloomberg] August, When All the Traders Take Off and Drama Hits the Markets

[Bloomberg] Tesla Boosts Bond Sale to $1.8 Billion for Model 3

[Reuters] Russia says bellicose rhetoric on North Korea is 'over the top'

[WSJ] Trump Warns North Korea ‘Military Solutions’ Are ‘In Place, Locked and Loaded’

Friday's News Links

[Bloomberg] U.S. Stocks Stabilize, Dollar Slips on Price Data: Markets Wrap

[Reuters] Global stocks, dollar extend slide as U.S., North Korea tensions intensify

[Reuters] Trump: military solutions 'locked and loaded' against North Korea threat

[Bloomberg] U.S. Inflation Remains Subdued as Core Index Misses Forecasts

[Bloomberg] Trump Doubling Down on Rhetoric Rattles South Korean Markets

[Bloomberg] War Threats Deliver Worst Blow in a Year to Europe Credit: Chart

[Bloomberg] Fed Taper Plan Brings Risk to Mortgage Debt Unseen in Treasuries

[CNBC] China's economic problems are exactly why its global influence is expanding

[FT, Tett] The next crash risk is hiding in plain sight

[WSJ] North Korea, Trump’s ‘Fire and Fury’ Leave Beijing With Few Options

[FT] North Korea steps closer to end-game in nuclear quest

[FT] How Silicon Valley rediscovered LSD