Monday, September 19, 2016

Tuesday's News Links

[Bloomberg] Bonds Rise With Stocks as Clock Ticks Toward Fed, BOJ; Oil Falls

[Bloomberg] Deutsche Bank’s Riskiest Bonds Fall to Lowest Since February

[Bloomberg] Asian Stocks Hold Gains as Bonds Decline Amid BOJ, Fed Countdown

[Bloomberg] Signs Are Building That the BOJ Is Reaching Its 'Endgame'

[Bloomberg] Supersized Corporate Bond Sales Are Taking a Bigger Bite Out of an $8 Trillion Market

[Bloomberg] Yuan Funding Crunch Shows Risks in Reserve Currency Ranking

[Bloomberg] China Risks $375 Billion of Shadow Banking Losses, CLSA Says

[CNBC] Why the Bank of Japan may overshadow the Federal Reserve on Super Wednesday

[Bloomberg] Housing Starts in U.S. Declined in August on Plunge in South

[Bloomberg] China’s Biggest Banks Quicken Pace of Bad-Loan Security Sales

[MarketWatch] Meet the affable bear who expects the S&P to tumble to 20-year lows

[Reuters] Weakness at home hobbles once-powerful Merkel in Europe

[FT] Five key questions ahead of Bank of Japan’s policy meeting

[FT] Cheap money points to more taper tantrums

[FT] Fed plays poker with tempestuous markets

Monday Afternoon Links

[Bloomberg] Dollar Falls With Treasuries Before Fed, BOJ Meetings; Oil Gains

[Bloomberg] Why 'Quantitative Tightening' May Again Become a Problem for Markets

[Bloomberg] That $100,000 Painting Bought to Flip Is Now Worth About $20,000

[WSJ] Markets Tighten Ahead of Fed