Sunday, October 25, 2015

Monday's News Links

[Bloomberg] Sales of New U.S. Homes Slump to Lowest Level Since November

[WSJ] U.S. Companies Warn of Slowing Economy

[Bloomberg] A Short History of Chinese Bond Defaults

[WSJ] Valeant and Pharmacy More Intertwined Than Thought

[Bloomberg] Central Bankers Bow to Market Pressure as Eyes Turn to Fed-BOJ

[Bloomberg] China's Rate Swaps Declines With Yuan as PBOC Easing Adds Funds

[Bloomberg] Yen Price Swings Versus Euro Surge as Draghi Seen Pressuring BOJ

[CNBC] PBOC: Our big easing nothing like ECB's, Fed's QE

[Bloomberg] Credit Downgrade Lurks as South Africa's Default Risk Increases

[Reuters] U.S. money laundering probe into Deutsche Moscow unit widens - FT

[FT] Asset managers suffer as oil funds withdraw cash

[Reuters] A China twist: why are malls closing if consumption is rising?

[Bloomberg] China's Bid to Prop Up Property Investment Challenged Amid Glut

[Reuters] Poland's lurch to the right stirs anxiety in Brussels

[Reuters] U.S. Navy to send destroyer within 12 miles of Chinese islands

Sunday Evening Links

[Bloomberg] Asian Stocks Extend Two-Month High as China Cuts Interest Rates

[Bloomberg] Pressure for Yuan Depreciation Seen Building After PBOC Eases

[NYT] Russian Presence Near Undersea Cables Concerns U.S.

Sunday's News Links

[Bloomberg] China's Leaders Shift From Short-Term Stimulus to Five-Year Plan

[Bloomberg] Yuan Bears Forecasting Devaluation Test Offshore Market Nerves

[Bloomberg] Barclays to BlackRock Say the China Rebound Rally Won't Last

[Reuters] China premier says 7 percent growth goal never set in stone

[Reuters] Support for Merkel's conservatives at three year low on refugee crisis

[Bloomberg] India to Squeeze State-Run Companies as Deficit Worries Mount

[WSJ] California’s Growers Bear Brunt of Drought Woes

[FT, Davies] ECB and Fed reverse their traditional roles