Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Tuesday Evening Links

[Reuters] S&P, Nasdaq rise on tame inflation data; Dow felled by Boeing

[Reuters] Treasuries-Yields fall after benign U.S. inflation data, Brexit woes

[BBC] Brexit: MPs reject Theresa May's deal by 149 votes

[Reuters] No more talks planned with EU on Brexit for now - May's spokesman

[Reuters] U.S. trade representative hopes U.S., China in final weeks of talks

[CNBC] Global debt is up 50% over the past decade, but S&P still says next crisis won't be as bad

[Reuters] Venezuela gives U.S. diplomats 72 hours to leave, blames Trump for blackout

Tuesday's News Links

[Reuters] S&P, Nasdaq extend gains after inflation data

[Reuters] U.S. consumer prices post first rise in four months

[Reuters] China may increase tolerance for small firms' bad loans-Securities Times

[Reuters] Brexit hangs in the balance as parliament to vote on May's tweaked deal

[Reuters] U.S. transport chief: 'tight time frame' for $1 trillion infrastructure boost

[AP] Trump proposes record spending, trillion-dollar deficit

[AP] Highlights of Trump’s $4.7 trillion budget request

[Bloomberg] Fear of Trump Walking on Xi Haunts China as Trade Talks Near End

[Bloomberg] What China's $30 Trillion Credit Pile Doesn’t Tell You

[Bloomberg] India’s Inflation Quickens as Focus Shifts to April Rate Cut

[AP] Chaos spreads in Venezuela after days without power

[FT] Emerging markets face a new debt crisis; Chinese lending is not the only cause

[FT] China doubles down on gold in shift away from dollar

[FT] Why ‘Japanification’ looms for the sluggish eurozone