Thursday, April 23, 2015

Thursday Evening Links

[Reuters] The risk that Greece would have to leave the euro if it has to accept more austerity is no bluff, Greek Finance Minister Yanis

[Bloomberg] Greece’s Scary Calendar of Debt Payments Due

[FT] Russia and US engage in new war of words over Ukraine

[Bloomberg] The U.S. Economy Hasn't Disappointed Analysts This Much Since the Great Recession

[Reuters] Pricing pressure in U.S., China raises fears about future profits

[NYT, Irwin] In Battle Between Strong Dollar and Cheap Gas, the Strong Dollar is Winning

[MarketWatch] Dollar is now Public Enemy No. 1

Thursday's News Links

[Reuters] Saudi-led coalition launches air strikes throughout Yemen: residents

[Reuters] Factbox - Greek banks on liquidity drip-feed while Athens haggles with creditors

[Bloomberg] European Stocks Drop as Manufacturing, Services Miss Estimates

[Bloomberg] Greece Hasn’t Discussed ‘Plan B’ With Creditors, Official Says

[Reuters] Greece may ask Europe to buy bonds to pay for redemptions -paper

[Bloomberg] China Manufacturing Gauge Drops to Lowest Level in 12 Months

[Bloomberg] China’s Riskiest Bonds Flagged By Haitong After Tianwei Default

[Reuters] Japan March final manufacturing PMI falls to 50.3 as domestic orders contract

[Bloomberg] Euro-Region Output Growth Slows as Economy Awaits QE Effect

[Bloomberg] Bird Flu ‘Catastrophe’ Mounts Amid Concern Virus Is Airborne

[Reuters] Fed eyes ability of asset managers to repay in a panic

[CNBC] Moody’s to CEOs: Think twice before buying back stock

[Bloomberg] Can This Oil Baron’s Company Withstand Another Quake?

[Bloomberg] U.S. Bridges Falling Down Get No Help From Record ’15 Muni Sales

[Bloomberg] Swiss Left Helpless in Currency Wars as Franc Keeps on Surging

[BBC] Ukraine troops shelled by pro-Russian rebels near Mariupol

[NYT] Putin Bolsters His Forces Near Ukraine, U.S. Says

[Reuters] Special Report: British voters heading for a Disunited Kingdom

[Bloomberg] Putin’s Feed-Russia-First Push Has Global Grain Markets on Edge