Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sunday Evening Links

[Bloomberg] NATO Says Russia's Still Pouring Arms Into Ukraine

[Reuters] Houthis seize strategic Yemeni city, escalating power struggle

[Bloomberg] Sarkozy’s UMP Tops French Local Vote With Le Pen’s Gains Capped

[Bloomberg] China’s Internet Boom Starts to Fade

[NYT] Tech Money Sends Funds on the Hunt for Unicorns

Sunday's News Links

[Reuters] U.S. multinationals set to face much more pain from strong dollar

[Greek Reporter] German Media: Liquidity in Greece Ends April 8

[BBC] Yemeni city Taiz 'seized by Shia rebels'

[AP] Aden: Refuge of Yemen's President and Target of His Enermies

[Reuters] How Europe and U.S. stumbled into spat over China-led bank

[Reuters] U.S. inflation, Greek tensions in focus

[UK Guardian] The bailout crisis: Germany’s view of how Greece fell from grace

[AP] Greece Fights German Bailout Demands With Nazi-Era Claims

[Bloomberg] China’s Zhou Switches Topics on Lagarde to Put His Case for Yuan

[Bloomberg] Chinese Vice Premier Says Rapid Growth Isn’t What Economy Needs

[Bloomberg] U.S. Should Consider Arming Ukrainians, Top NATO General Says

[FT] Oil majors pile on record debt to plug cash shortfalls

[FT] Possible default of Austrian bad-bank bond rattles Europe

[FT] Russia delivers nuclear warning to Denmark

[BBC] Climate change: China official warns of 'huge impact'

[Reuters] Currency hedging takes on new importance for global stock funds

[Reuters] Houthis take parts of Yemeni city, Hadi sees 'coup'