Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Thursday's News Links

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Stocks, Commodities Fall as Growth Concerns Spread: Markets Wrap

[Reuters] Stocks slide, dollar spikes as September starts stormy

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] European Bonds Extend Losses With Specter of Larger Hike Looming

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Oil Sinks Further to Test OPEC’s Resolve Amid Demand Concerns

[Reuters] Yen hits 24-year low, 140 level beckons as hike bets buoy dollar

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China Sets Stronger-Than-Expected Yuan Fixing for Seventh Day

[CNBC] Jobless claims total 232,000, the lowest level in two months

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Ukraine Latest: UN Inspectors Arrive at Key Nuclear Plant

[Reuters] Global factory activity slumped in August but signs cost pressures easing

[Reuters] China's August factory activity shrinks as orders weaken - Caixin PMI

[Reuters] U.S. export ban on some advanced AI chips to hit China tech majors

[Reuters] Asia's factory activity slumps on China's COVID curbs, U.S. slowdown

[Reuters] Chengdu locks down 21.2 million as Chinese cities battle COVID

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Chinese Junk Bonds Just Chalked Up Their Best Month in a Decade

[CNN] China's Xi pushes forward to third term despite mounting crises

[Reuters] Rising inflation expectations pressure Bank of England

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Australia House Prices Record Steepest Drop in Four Decades

[Reuters] Australia's property downturn puts home buyers in double mortgage bind

[Reuters] China may have committed crimes against humanity in Xinjiang, says U.N.

[Reuters] Taiwan president says she looks forward to producing 'democracy chips' with U.S.

[Bloomberg] China Locks Down Megacity Chengdu as Covid Zero Rolls On

[AP] Russia launches war games with China amid tensions with US

[WSJ] China’s Major Cities Edge Into Covid-19 Lockdowns Ahead of Party Congress

[FT] Why housing is the key to the next Fed pivot

[FT] A ‘buyers’ market’ for homes is still elusive in the US

[FT] China waits on ‘miracle’ to exit Xi Jinping’s zero-Covid

[FT] Taiwan shoots down suspected Chinese drone for first time

Wednesday Evening Links

[CNBC] Stock futures fall after Wall Street closed out August with losses 

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] California Declares Grid Emergency, Warning of Blackouts

[Reuters] Fed's Logan: restoring price stability is No. 1 priority

[Reuters] U.S. officials order Nvidia to halt sales of top AI chips to China

Wednesday Afternoon Links

[Reuters] Wall Street struggles for direction on rate hike jitters

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Goldman, BofA Now Predict 75 Basis-Point ECB Hike Next Week

[Reuters] High inflation, recession risk widen ECB dilemma

[Reuters] Canada's Q2 GDP growth lags expectations; contraction seen in July

[Reuters] Stock-picking hedge funds poised for worst performance in 10 years

[UPI] World may be entering phase of dangerous coexistence

[NYT] Inflation Tightens Its Grip on Europe

[WSJ] China’s Economic Woes Drag On With