Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Tuesday Evening Links

[Bloomberg] China January HSBC services PMI at six-month low, more stimulus expected

[Reuters] Brazil sovereign debt sales on hold amid Petrobras scandal: source

[Bloomberg] Oil Is on a Gigantic Tear

[Bloomberg] Vanoufakis Heads to Germany as Markets Bless Debt Retreat

[Bloomberg] Fitch Joins Moody’s in Downgrading Petrobras to Cusp of Junk

[Bloomberg] SocGen to Dismiss 1,180 Brazil Workers, Take $229 Million Charge

[NYT] Draft of Arrest Warrant for Argentine President Found at Dead Prosecutor’s Home

[FT/CNBC] European Central Bank resists latest Greek bailout plan

[Bloomberg] Ukraine Conflict Toll Rises as Warring Parties Muster Forces

[Reuters] Sending arms to Kiev would be big gamble for U.S.

[NYT] Political Fractures in European Economic Unity

[Reuters] Modi faces possible Delhi poll defeat, clouding growth prospects

[NYT] Fethullah Gulen: Turkey’s Eroding Democracy

Tuesday's News Links

[Reuters] Oil jumps as dollar plunges, up nearly 20 pct in 4 days

[Bloomberg] Denmark Sells Record $16.3 Billion in Kroner to Save Peg

[WSJ] Greek Finance Minister Wants Bridge Agreement on Debt

[Bloomberg] Commodities Head for Biggest 3-Day Rally Since 2012 as Oil Gains

[Bloomberg] Greek Bonds Rally With Italian Peers as Tsipras Said to Retreat

[Bloomberg] China Sees Biggest Outflow of Capital Since at Least 1998

[Reuters] Exclusive: Three Greek banks tap 2 billion euros in emergency funding - sources

[Bloomberg] Merkel Said to Expect Greek Funding Talks to Drag On

[Bloomberg] European Stocks Rise as Greece Backs Down From Writedown Request

[Bloomberg] Japan’s Key Yield Rises Above Germany First Time After Auction

[Bloomberg] RBA Unexpectedly Cuts Cash Rate Joining Global Easing: Economy

[Bloomberg] Corporate America Feels Downdraft While Recovery Lifts Households

[Bloomberg] Cash-Starved Oil Producers Trade Treasured Pipelines for Money

[Bloomberg] Surprise! Investors Face Need to Expect the Unexpected on Rates

[Bloomberg] China City Financiers Squeezed Onshore Tap Overseas Funds

[Bloomberg] PBOC Said to Mull Policy Options to Address Capital Shifts

[Reuters] China broadens graft probe into financial sector

[FT] China’s anti-corruption probe broadens into finance sector

[Reuters] Brazil industrial output contracts 3.2 percent in 2014

[Bloomberg] U.S. Arms to Ukraine: Tilting the Balance or Fanning the Flames?

[NYT] Ukraine Rebels Upbeat After an Infusion of Aid

[Bloomberg] U.S. Military Stretched by Strategic Demands That Outpace Budget

[Forbes] That Venezuelan Spiral Into The Socialist End State Continues

[Bloomberg] Offices Minus Tenants Rise Beyond Manhattan: Real Estate